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Paytm Launches AI Cloud Computing Platform In Partnership With Alibaba

Paytm Launches AI Cloud Computing Platform In Partnership With Alibaba

Prajakta Hebbar
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One97 Communications Limited, the holding company for Paytm, announced the launch of an artificial cloud computing platform for the online payment portal. Named ‘Paytm AI Cloud for India’ the platform is aimed at developers, startups and enterprises. They have partnered with Alibaba for Cloud Computing Infrastructure and will soon offer an enterprise-messaging solution in partnership with DingTalk.

According to a statement released by Paytm, the AI-powered cloud computing platform has been made in India and offers a suite of business-centric apps. The Paytm AI Cloud processes and stores all consumer data locally in servers located in India while conforming to the security and privacy standards, said the company.

The Paytm AI Cloud especially caters to organisations that need high-quality solutions for cloud computing, ready-to-use services to automate their workflow, easy to integrate payments, messaging and customer engagement without the hassle of managing hardware and software.

“At Paytm, we have always ensured the highest standards of customer data privacy and security. Our customers’ data is processed and stored locally in India with no access to any third party or investors.”

Sujit Kumar Mishra, vice president at Paytm, said in the statement, “Every new-age organisation needs to be AI-enabled. They need access to infrastructure to quickly sandbox their ideas, run through multiple experiments, and iterate hypotheses without worrying about managing their infrastructure. They need growth engines to acquire customers, engage one-to-one with them, and AI-empowered systems to predict their business. With these, they need better collaboration and workflow automation tools to become more productive and efficient. Paytm AI Cloud packages all these into one; saving organisations time, money and resources, so they are able to better focus on building products that change the world.”

Here are the key features of Paytm AI Cloud:

  • Highly-scalable cloud computing platform with dozens of services for quickly building, deploying and scaling products and solutions. Paytm AI Cloud guarantees complete security, privacy, and availability of data locally within the Indian geofence.
  • Marketing automation platform to foster a one-to-one relationship with every customer across multiple channels. Enterprises can now easily design their customer’s lifecycle, interaction touch-points, offer differentiated services and rewards that matter to their business.
  • Full-stack payment infrastructure to accept payments and conduct payouts, whether online or offline. Through its easy-to-integrate API, developers can leverage the full potential of Integrating Paytm’s payments gateway which accepts payments numerous payment methods.
  • Cross-platform enterprise messaging solution to facilitate omnichannel secured conversations — be it email, chat, call or audio-video conference. Teams can quickly convert any conversation to tasks and set follow-ups and reminders. The embedded drive allows for easy and secure sharing of files.

In December 2017, the Chinese e-commerce giant had announced its entry in the Indian market with its cloud-computing arm, Alibaba Cloud.

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