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Pinky Sahu Explains How To Assure Business Outcomes Through Analytics

Pinky Sahu Explains How To Assure Business Outcomes Through Analytics

Speaking at Cypher 2017, India’s most exciting analytics summit, Pinky Sahu, General Manager and Head of analytics, India, at Wipro spoke about how to bring assurance on the outcome of businesses using analytics.

Today the market and technology are rapidly evolving. The environment is more volatile, less certain or rather disruptive than in the past and because of these disruptions, organisations cannot rely on methods and assumptions that they would have followed about a few years back for business decisions.

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Sahu gives an insight on how there is mounting pressure on the CXOs to optimise business outcomes for the best results. Often, they are burdened with faster decision-making on the strategy building.  

Sahu’s talk largely outlines the need for faster and better decisions that has propelled the adoption of business analytics for all businesses.

The art behind using data:

Adopting a consultative model is the only way forward. More than often, companies provide solutions to problems based on symptoms. However, the problem could be deep-rooted and may need a better diagnosis. Several and repeated workshops are the best way to understand the exact problems, Sahu explains.

Starting small is the key but the real success is when the solution can be implemented for long-term solutions. As Sahu points out in her talk, the trick is to operationalise the analytics to modify and enhance customer information.

Prioritising deliverables is also a key to maintain a long analytical product. It is understood that the need to change the traditional business models is higher than ever before.

How to bridge the gap?

Sahu recommends starting small with small projects and understanding the entire cycle of an analytics project. She insisted on getting feedback and improve the models over a period of time. The feedback determines whether a product is sustainable and will be used by businesses over and over again.

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Essentially, one must look at scaling up the project only when they see and experiences successes that can be stitched together to build a platform for a data lake implementation.

Wipro’s DDP

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform (DDP), with its industry-specific apps, covers the entire spectrum from data to information to insights, empowers customers with relevant insights to make faster, better decisions.

It enables businesses to gain valuable analytical insights, and further bridge the insights gap with value-added process simplification and business transformation services. Leveraging techniques such as visual sciences and storytelling with data, DDP drives insight-driven decision making and accelerates time to market, said Sahu.

She added that the comprehensive Wipro DDP solution addresses challenges faced by global enterprises, from early adopters and established practitioners to those that are just starting off with analytics.

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