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PM Narendra Modi expects Artificial Intelligence to dominate human life in future

PM Narendra Modi expects Artificial Intelligence to dominate human life in future

Amit Paul Chowdhury

The influence of AI is on the rise today, as this technology holds the potential to transform the country’s economic potential. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi the day is pretty close when humanity will completely depend on AI. Modi remarks, “Artificial intelligence will drive human race. It will be debated whether there will be any jobs left or not. However, experts say that there is huge possibility of job creation through AI.”

The technology hasn’t yet been fully adopted throughout the country. The biggest roadblock towards full-scale adoption of Artificial Intelligence is the current mindset of people. There is a huge need to create an environment for digital growth. According to India’s Prime Minister, the technology will only spread, when it sees adoption from a large number of people.

Prime Minister Modi spoke about his opinion surrounding AI landscape during the launch of an integrated case management system for the Supreme Court, in New Delhi. Chief Justice of India J S Khehar was also present during the event. Essentially, the integrated case management system attempts at turning the Supreme Court into a Digital Court.

During the proceedings, the Prime Minister put forward an equation “IT + IT = IT”, i.e., ‘Information technology + Indian Talent = India Tomorrow’. Through this idea, he wanted to focus on India’s youth who showcase the potential to reshape the country’s future.

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Modi also stressed on the importance of e-governance, describing it as an easy, effective, economical, and environment-friendly way of running the government. “E-governance is easy, effective and economical. It is also environment-friendly. Moreover, Paperless offices will benefit the environment,” remarks Modi.

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