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Pradeep Menon

Pradeep Menon

  • Managing Director & GCC Head - HSBC Technology
Pradeep Menon, MD - HSBC Technology, India & Global CIO - Group Data Technology

Pradeep Menon is the Global Leader & Chief Information Officer (CIO) of HSBC Group’s Data & Analytics Technology function and MD of HSBC’s Technology Centres in India. The role leads a global team spread across various parts of the world (Argentina, Canada, Mainland China, Dubai, France, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, UK & US) and helps deliver the data ambitions and the strategic data technology roadmap of the bank. The role spans all the group functions and various banking businesses of the HSBC banking group globally, along with its regional banking entities.

In the leadership role for the India technology centres, the primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions impacting the technology legal entity in India, managing the overall operations and staff in India and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors of the legal entity and corporate operations. He is also the public face of the legal entity.


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