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Sanskrit Can Be Used For AI, ML, Says Indian President Ram Nath Kovind

Sanskrit Can Be Used For AI, ML, Says Indian President Ram Nath Kovind

Sanskrit is not only limited to spiritualism and philosophy, but can also be used for machine learning and artificial intelligence, said Indian President Ram Nath Kovind.

Speaking at the 17th convocation of the Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha in New Delhi, Kovind emphasised that Sanskrit is the language of science and spirituality.

"It is not that the works in Sanskrit are limited to spiritualism, philosophy, devotion, ritualism or literature. It is also the language of knowledge and science. Important works of scientists and mathematicians such as Aryabhatt, Varaah Mihir, Bhaskar, Charak and Sushrut were created in Sanskrit," he told the gathered audience.

"Many scholars believe that the grammar of Sanskrit, which is rule-bound, formula-bound and logical, is the most appropriate to write algorithms, or to be used in machine learning and even artificial intelligence," said the Indian President.

"The tradition of Sanskrit language, literature and science has been the most effective chapter in the glorious journey of our intellectual growth. It is said that India's soul is reflected in Sanskrit language, which is the mother of several languages," said Kovind.

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Tom Goldenberg, CTO and co-founder at the smarter stock-trading platform Commandiv, had also said in his blog, "Looking back at my studies of Sanskrit grammar, I see some striking similarities between the world of coding and the world of Sanskrit grammar. Francis Sullivan said about algorithms, 'Algorithms are the poetry of computation. Just like verse, they can be terse, allusive, dense, and even mysterious. But once unlocked, they cast a brilliant new light on some aspect of computing.' I would argue that Sanskrit grammatical rules fit this description to a tee."

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