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Shashank Dubey

Shashank Dubey

  • Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Tredence Inc.
Shashank Dubey, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Tredence Inc

Shashank is an analytics thought leader, strategic thinker, and the driving force in transforming Tredence into an indispensable analytics player in the market. An entrepreneur at heart, Shashank co-founded Tredence from his three-bedroom apartment and built a top-notch interdisciplinary team that includes data scientists, behavioural scientists, AI engineers, product managers, and agile coaches.

He has more than 15+ years of research and consulting experience in applied mathematics and analytics. 


A data science evangelist, Shashank has been a strong proponent of enabling the last-mile adoption of analytics for large enterprises. His sectoral experience spans retail, CPG, telecom, industrials, and healthcare. Shashank’s quest to build a new-age differentiated analytics organisation led him to foster an innovation-first culture within Tredence. In doing so, Tredence has been able to operationalise AI for clients leading to faster value realisation. 

Tredence, under his GTM strategy and guidance, has delivered transformational industry solutions by leveraging advanced AI/ML-powered analytics expertise, increasing the yearly growth to 50% CAGR and expanding its presence to six new geographies. He leverages a unique mix of business consulting and advanced analytics experience to provide actionable insights to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to his client work, he is deeply involved in the deep generalist track, agile innovation, and inspirational leadership.

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An advocate of ‘The Enterprise Brain,’ Shashank envisages an ecosystem where future enterprises can consume insights faster and make real-time cognitive decisions. By foraying into newer sectors (healthcare) and practices (MLOps, Industrial IoT, Rebate Analytics), Shashank is at the forefront to make Tredence a billion-dollar valuation company by 2025.

Shashank has been a strong influencer in getting many started on their entrepreneurial journey—many of them now have their own start-ups. An alumnus of IIT Madras, India, Shashank also holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business.

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