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Shiv Nadar University Delhi-NCR Launches Analytics Olympiad For Data Scientists

Shiv Nadar University Delhi-NCR Launches Analytics Olympiad For Data Scientists

  • Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR, invites data scientists, ML Developers & AI enthusiasts to participate in an ultimate Analytics Olympiad and showcase their skills.
Shiv Nadar University Delhi-NCR Launches An Annual Championship To Recognize Future Business Leaders In Data Analytics

Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR, in association with MachineHack, is launching an exclusive online Analytics Olympiad for data scientists and machine learning practitioners to participate and showcase their skills to potential employers. This fortnight-long challenge has been designed to focus on data science learners in India and provide the opportunity to advance their careers in the data analytics domain.

With data and analytics becoming the key for every business to operate, the Analytics Olympiad 2021 has been designed to bridge the talent gap and provide career development opportunities to aspirants. In addition, the collaboration between the Academy of Continuing Education of the Shiv Nadar University and MachineHack hopes to strengthen the data science community in India and pave the way for innovation.

Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR, is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, research-focused, and student-centric University. Its Academy of Continuing Education aims to democratise access to best-in-class knowledge, practices, and skill development courses for all. Alongside, through a unique certification program in Data Sciences and Analytics for Business, it aims to help prepare for careers of today and the future. 

Watch this space for details on challenge dates & problem statements.

Dr Bibek Banerjee, Dean – Academy of Continuing Education, and Dean – School of Management & Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR, said “Data Science and Analytics are no longer buzzwords. They are what today make products smarter, help billion-dollar businesses make smart decisions, and also help smart governance improve the lives of the citizenry. At the Academy of Continuing Education (ACE), our participants become lifelong learners, enriching their careers with skills-sets relevant to the present and that of the future. Our program in Data Science and Analytics is designed for those looking to up-skill themselves in preparation for a data-driven world that is becoming ubiquitously digital. The program curriculum is deep-and-broad to help learners get an immersive, hands-on experience on the most relevant analytics tools that businesses around the world are using to solve complex problems in the digital economy.”

Analytics Olympiad 2021 will be held in two phases. In the first phase, the participants will be allowed to submit their approaches against the given problem statement, which they have to solve based on the dataset provided on the MachineHack platform. The evaluation of the first phase will be done based on the leaderboard, and the top 10 participants will be given a chance to participate in the second phase, i.e. the Jury Round. The jury round will be helmed by a group of expert panellists from the industry and academia. The participant who will crack phase two of the challenge will be the Analytics Olympiad and be awarded ₹1 Lakh/- cash. In addition, the second & the third winner will be granted ₹30,000/- & ₹20,000/- each, respectively.

Participate in this ultimate Analytics Olympiad & stand to show your data science mettle to potential employers. This hackathon is open for data science working professionals, ML developers & practitioners, analytics professionals, and enthusiasts to showcase their expertise.

Watch this space for details on challenge dates & problem statements.

About Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR

Shiv Nadar University is a student-centric, multidisciplinary and research-focused university offering a wide range of academic programs at the Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral levels. The University was set up in 2011 by the Shiv Nadar Foundation, a philanthropic foundation established by Mr Shiv Nadar, founder of HCL. The University is in the quest to become a globally acclaimed centre for learning and innovation in the fields of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Management. The core of the University consists of a select, world-class faculty with doctoral and postdoctoral experiences from ranked universities all over the world.

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Shiv Nadar University has been recognized as one of the ten private ‘Institutions of Eminence’ by the Government. In the NIRF (Government’s National Institutional Ranking Framework), the University has been the youngest institution in the ‘top 100’ Overall list, and its score has been rising steadily. In NIRF-2020, it ranked 56 in the ‘University’ category. Shiv Nadar University has been accredited with Grade ‘A’ by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), valid for a period of five years from 26 November 2019. It is also among a select group of green-field institutions in the country which were awarded the prestigious Atal Incubation Center grant by the NITI Aayog, Government of India, in the very first round in 2017.

If you are interested in data science & analytics and are excited to apply for a certification programme, please visit:

Watch this space for details on challenge dates & problem statements.

[Update] October 26 | 12:12 | Data Analytics Championship is now renamed as “Analytics Olympiad” and all the registered participants are automatically included in the hackathon.

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