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Hackathon Alert: MachineHack Challenges You To Predict Data Scientists’ Salaries

Hackathon Alert: MachineHack Challenges You To Predict Data Scientists’ Salaries

Analytics India Magazine’s hackathon platform is working towards creating great competitions for data science lovers and enthusiasts. This month we are challenging our participants to predict the salary of working professionals in the industry based on the data gathered by us. You have a chance to win big in our next hackathon: “Show Me The Money: MachineHack Challenges You To Predict Data Scientists’ Salaries”

As we all know, Data Scientist has been dubbed the “sexiest job” of the 21st century. Analytics India Annual Salary Study, which aims to understand a wide range of trends data science says that the median analytics salary in India for the year 2017 was ₹12.7 lakh across all experience level and skill sets. So given the job description and other key information can you predict the range of salary of the job posting?

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The training data and test data in the hackathon comprises of 19,802 samples and of 6,601 samples each. This is a dataset which has been collected over some time to gather relevant analytics jobs posting over the years.

Now MachineHack challenges you this: Can you build models which will look at the data and understand trends in the analytics industry? We have already received an overwhelming response on the discussion boards and submissions and are happy to build a product for the data science community that is so cherished.

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Apart from the obvious learning and hands-on experience, participants also get to work on a real-life dataset and pitch against a larger community. The first 3 winners will also receive individual passes to Machine Learning Developer Summit 2019.

AIM recently concluded the “Whose Line Is It Anyway: Identify The Author Hackathon” and announced prizes for the winners. Analytics India Magazine also talked to the winners of the hackathon who shared their experiences with us.

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