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Smitha Ganesh

Smitha Ganesh

  • AI Director - Data Science Innovation & Execution at Ericsson
Smitha Ganesh, AI Director - Data Science Innovation & Execution at Ericsson

Smitha is a hands-on leader in AI & Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling, and Natural Language Processing with a proven track record of delivering $MM productivity. She has industry experience of 17 years and has demonstrated expertise in formulating roadmaps and strategies for creating customer delight and competitive differentiation at scale by nurturing best in class data science teams. 

Smitha is a skilled delivery professional who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against key goals. She has served client bases across Aviation, Supply Chain, Automotive, O&G, Digital Govt. sector and shows business for North America and Europe to Asia-Pacific markets. Her experience has compelled her to think of data as a product.


Her areas of expertise include ML & Analytics, Data Strategy, Text Analytics, Business Intelligence, Ethical Practices, Market Advisory, Data Program Scoping, and Proactive Proposals.

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