Hugging Face Gets An Amazon Treatment

Hugging Face Gets an Amazon Web Service Treatment

AWS has aided in the increased accessibility of Hugging Face’s Deep Learning Containers (DLC) to equip programmers to construct applications utilising NLP.

SageMaker Can Be Used Without Machine Learning Experience: Denis Batalov, AWS

Denis Batalov AWS

Several businesses struggle with getting machine learning into production. Although many have completed their pilot efforts, businesses actually found it difficult to implement it actually into production.  Even though the industry seems to be interested in machine learning, according to a CIO survey, the deployment started growing at a slower rate between last year and […]

AWS’s Recently-Launched Features ‘Transcribe’ And ‘Translate’ Are Using Machine Learning In A Revolutionary Manner

Last month at AWS re:INVENT developers conference, Amazon announced two new services — Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate — with an aim to improve the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Amazon Transcribe can analyse audio files (.wav, .mp3, .flac) stored on Amazon S3. On the other hand, Amazon Translate provides a fast translation […]