Bringing Simplicity In HR Intelligence: The Startup Story Of GoEvals

In today’s volatile and fast-moving world, especially in the post-COVID era, organisations have a hard time implementing robust employee management processes and advanced recruitment practices. Their needs are critical and urgent; however, the solutions currently available in the market are either too complicated or don’t serve the need. Addressing this concern, GoEvals, an HR Tech […]

Data Democratization and Governance for Responsible AI

Empowerment without defined responsibility and accountability has got no meaning. The potential of data is limitless. When it comes to making AI (Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence) responsible, explainable and trustworthy, data democratization and governance will need to be discussed in parallel as they are the two sides of the same coin. Explainable AI is […]

Unsupervised Learning For Predictive Maintenance Using Auto-Encoders

Before we dive into the machine learning approach to detect and diagnose anomalies, we will gather a brief understanding of machine maintenance. This article is arranged as below: Introduction to machine maintenance What is predictive maintenance? ​​​​​​​ Approaches for machine diagnosis Machine diagnosis using machine learning 1) Introduction to Machine Maintenance For any industrial machinery […]

8 Business Intelligence & Analytics Tools To Check Out In 2021

8 Business Intelligence & Analytics Tools To Check Out In 2021

Over the last decade, business intelligence and data analytics have witnessed a massive transformation — from storytelling becoming a norm for businesses and the introduction of artificial intelligence to ensuring data governance and cloud connectivity. But, by the mid of the year 2020, the data landscape has completely been upended. One has to be living […]

Women in AI and Analytics Survey Report – AIM and Great Learning

Women are breaking the glass ceiling across industries and enterprises, rising to the top echelons of company departments and management. Nevertheless, the involvement of women in the technology sector, and more specifically across the data science domain, is still significantly constrained by lower participation, which is fuelled by possible hiring stereotypes and fixed mindsets around […]

A Comprehensive Guide To 15 Most Important NLP Datasets

If you are just getting started with NLP or a researcher who is really into Natural language processing this comprehensive guide will help you with all the major datasets with starter implementation for your next NLP projects, but first, let’s discuss what is NLP is, what kind of data is used and what are the […]

Promising Retail Intelligence Companies In 2021

Retail intelligence companies

Retail intelligence consists of using tools to measure and determine customer behaviour in retail chains or establishments. This information may pertain to customer visits, the relationship between price and promotion or sales, traffic in a particular aisle or the displays, and even heat zone analysis. Such information helps retailers greatly forecast sales and predict customer […]

5 Indian Companies Recruiting Data Scientists In Large Numbers

According to a recent study on analytics and data science jobs, the number of vacancies for data science-related jobs in India has increased by 53 per cent, since India eased the lockdown restrictions. Moreover, India’s share of open data science jobs in the world has seen a steep rise from 7.2 per cent in January […]

Top Rated MOOCs For Learning Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has made several ground-breaking achievements in the past couple of years. In the current scenario, almost all organisations use this technique to bring about human-like conversation capabilities in machines, among other applications. As the concept’s popularity is growing, many courses are offering machine learning enthusiasts to take a deep dive and […]