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TCS Earns Over $2 Billion Per Year Only Through Analytics

TCS Earns Over $2 Billion Per Year Only Through Analytics

Tata Consultancy Services, which has been ranked as the world’s fastest growing information technology brand in 2018, gets over $2 billion per year only through it’s analytics business, making it the largest chunk of its digital revenue.

Speaking to a financial newspaper, TCS chief executive officer Rajesh Gopinathan said, “Analytics was distributed across a very wide set and once we are done bringing it together, we will have to think how we report it and all, but we run probably one of the largest analytics groups.”

After Gopinath took charge as the CEO of TCS in February 2017, he reorganised the company in a way that would focus on its digital business. Larger service under the TCS umbrella, such as application development and maintenance, were broken down into smaller units such as enterprise application services, cloud applications, micro-services and APIfication. Cloud infrastructure would also be a separate unit.

Earlier this week, Brand Finance IT Services concluded that TCS has a total brand value of $10.391 billion and that it had grown over 14.4 percent from last year’s total of $9.081 billion.

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David Haigh, chief executive officer at Brand Finance told a news wire, “This year, the company has consolidated that position even further by adding more than $1.3 billion to its value, which is a huge achievement for the company and its new CEO, who completes his first year in office this month. TCS’ forward-thinking approach to digital technologies, its growing brand presence in its key markets, paired with its core values of customer service, employee development and re-skilling has seen its brand value grow exponentially – so much so that it’s now the fastest growing brand in the IT services industry.”

TCS has strengthened its portfolio of global brand sponsorships over the last two years by getting into new partnerships in the UK, Sweden, India, Japan and Australia.

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