Techcircle BigData Forum 2014

big_dataThe world generates one petabyte of data every 11 seconds, which is equivalent to 13 years of consecutive high definition video. Big Data is expected to be a market worth $1 billion in India by 2015, growing at a CAGR of 83 per cent since 2012, according to a Nasscom report. In addition, India’s digital universe is currently growing 67 per cent faster than the US, and is expected to reach 2.9 zettabytes by 2020, accounting for 7 per cent to the total global digital universe. Recently, Big Data firm Cloudera raised $900 million in its latest round of funding, which valued the company at $4.1 billion.

The Big Data technology and services market is also expected to grow exponentially, fuelled by the vast volume of data coming from connected devices- making up the Internet of Things (IoT). According to IDC, more than 15 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2015. With so much happening in the space, how are Indian companies looking at ‘Big Data’ as an opportunity?

According to a recent study conducted by EMC, 91 per cent of Indian businesses were aware of the potential benefits of Big Data, but as much as 26 per cent have no current plans to utilise it. Given that a lot of Big Data is about processing unstructured data, is India ready to embrace next generation analytics and shift to true data-driven decision making?

One thing is for sure, the Big Data wave is here. The question of the hour is that are you ready to ride it? If you fall in the 99.9 per cent bracket whose answer is ‘yes’, come attend the debut edition of the Techcircle Big Data Forum 2014, a unique conference that will bring together industry experts, early adopters of Big Data, key investors and business leaders to decode the value of Big Data for Indian companies!




Keynote Panel: What will be the next frontier of growth for Big Data companies – the road less travelled!
What are the specific use cases of Big Data? How can Big Data be leveraged in sectors like Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, FMCG, and Financial Services? The Internet of Things (IoT) storm is near- what is Big Data’s role in the IoT? How can Big Data companies find ways to analyse and make use of vast amounts of data collected by IoT?

Single track focus on Tech Talks

CEO Talk On: What’s hot and what’s not about Big Data
A leading Big Data entrepreneur will make a presentation on the Big Data space in the country, as well as its global prospects. He will also talk about the opportunities in the space and the challenges faced by Indian Big Data companies, and how they can overcome the same.

COO Talk on Unlocking the four dimensions of the Big Data challenge – Variety, Velocity, Volume & Veracity
The challenges of processing Big Data have been grouped into four performance categories: Volume- Big Data solutions must manage and process larger amounts of data; Velocity- Big Data solutions must process more rapidly arriving data; Variety- Big Data solutions must deal with more kinds of data, both structured and unstructured; and Veracity- Big Data solutions must take measures to validate the correctness of these large amounts of rapidly arriving data. How Big Data companies are leveraging these to create value?

Investor Talk On Can India produce the next big thing in Big Data?
What is the current state of Big Data companies in the country? Since bigdata is the hottest buzzword in the techspace, how much does the investor interest lie in promoting startups and companies in the bigdata space? What needs to be done to take them to the next level? Can India build a Big Data company that can achieve global delivery standards?

CTO Talk on Technical Classes: Mastering on developing Big Data Tools & Techniques
CTO’s to discuss on how they brought Big Data tools and techniques to bear on problems specific to their industries. Is the Big Data space experiencing path breaking innovations, customised businesses? What are the latest technologies emerging in the space? Where are Indian Big Data companies missing out?

Techcircle Showcase – Powered by Nasscom 10,000 Startups
Will showcase 5 promising Big Data start-ups in the country
A special session where 5 exciting and innovative Big Data companies will present on their business, differentiation, traction, product market opportunity and how they will disrupt the existing ecosystem to create value.

Techcircle Lounge
A special initiative where young big data companies and investors can meet and network in a structured manner in a separate enclosure

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