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Teradata to launch Analytics of Things Units

Teradata to launch Analytics of Things Units

IMG-20160418-WA0016The big data analytics and marketing applications company, Teradata, has revealed plans to build IoT Analytics units based in India, United States and United Kingdom. The units will focus on developing innovations to derive the greatest value from the Analytics of Things (AoT).

Further, Teradata plans to recruit a team of data scientists, data engineers and software designers for its ‘special-ops’ team to build and progress its IoT analytics platform. The team will focus on developing new, cloud-based analytic solutions, database management, data movement, and simplification of advanced analytics systems.

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Oliver Ratzesberger, president, Teradata Labs announced that, “ it will be easier for our customers to move sensor data around, optimize data management systems, run real-time, advanced analytics against streams of IoT data for new insights, applications and use cases.”

The IoT Analytics unit will apply machine learning and advanced analytics techniques to system administration and DevOps tasks as well as to solve complex performance and workload congestion problems in seconds.

Teradata’s AoT services deliver countless customer solutions including early warning detection that uses predictive analytics to find and correct issues with machines, real-time monitoring of physical assets, allowing companies to understand and act upon a variety of real-time insights including security alerts, energy and fuel usage, idle time, faulty parts, geo-positioning, etc. The new technologies and services from Teradata will be available starting in the second quarter of 2016.

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