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The Tech Whisperer: New Book Features AI-Authored Chapter About AI

The Tech Whisperer: New Book Features AI-Authored Chapter About AI

the tech whisperer ai

the tech whisperer ai

We’ve read numerous books on artificial intelligence. And at this day and age, we’ve also seen “fiction” writing created by AI algorithms. But taking a new step forward and colliding these two genres together is the new book titled The Tech Whisperer (Penguin, 2019) by Jaspreet Bindra.


This is because The Tech Whisperer features a chapter on AI, written by an AI itself.

“As I was writing about AI for this book, I started thinking of if and how an AI could write about itself. Would it ‘think’ of itself and its ilk differently than how I thought of it? Would it have an opinion, or a way of structuring the description in a more ‘logical’, ‘machinelike’ manner? Will there be emotion in the writing, will there be soul?

To find out, I got in touch with Anand Mahurkar, the founder-CEO of Findability Sciences, a Boston, Massachusetts-based AI company. He immediately ‘got’ my crazy idea and jumped on the opportunity to quickly cobble together an AI, using Findability’s existing platforms, which could attempt to write a chapter on itself,” wrote Bindra in a blog.

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He also explained how they used a product called FP-Summary™ an innovative unsupervised method for automatic sentence extraction using graph-based ranking algorithms used in FP-Cognition™, a graph-based ranking algorithm for creating text summaries. Using this method Findability Sciences Platform has ‘written’ a chapter for The Tech Whisperer.

Bindra’s book, as the name suggests, demystifies and simplifies emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, Internet of things, virtual reality, etc. and narrates how companies can employ these to drive their digital transformation. Published by Penguin, the book gives an engaging and forward-looking practitioner’s view which can help business leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to understand digital transformation and technology.

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