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This Kerala Startup Raised Pre-seed Funding For Its AI-Based Anomaly Detection Tech From HPCL

This Kerala Startup Raised Pre-seed Funding For Its AI-Based Anomaly Detection Tech From HPCL

Kerala-based startup Tranzmeo which has an AI-based product called T-Connect Overview that provides end-to-end anomaly forensics for better refinery operational outcomes raised pre-seed funding from Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.  The startup , founded in 2017 is part of NASSCOM’s 10,000 Startups accelerator program is founded by Safil Sunny who has 8+ years of experience in the field of software development. One of the fastest growing technology companies in Kerala, this startup builds machine learning and AI-based products for large and small organisations. The core product T-connect OneView – the anomaly forensics application essentially runs on data streams and is able to predict failure arising from incoming data stream and automatically creates alerts, thereby improving operational outcomes for refineries.

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According to reports, this self-learning AI-based product automatically connects to real-time machine data and streams to understand machine behavior and anomalies.

According to the press release, the startup is also ramping up on boarding tech talent and strengthening its leadership team to improve overall customer experience and develop a strong product lineup. There are also talks about growing out of the startup phase and entering the big league. As per the statement, the new-age fault detection technology company analyses 508 kms of HPCL’s petroleum pipeline for detection and prediction of anomalies. Besides HPCL, other Indian petro companies such as ONGC launched an INR 100 crore startup fund.

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