Top 9 Indian Open-source Projects in 2022

Check out these Indian open source repositories that have been trending around the world.
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The best way to learn development is through open-source projects and repositories. GitHub is the home for several such open-source projects and the community has consistently regarded India as one of the key contributors. The trend witnessed an upward momentum with the pandemic when Indian developers started contributing actively after 2020 with a 5.2% increase. 

While there is no limit to the number of projects that have active contributors, engagements, and stars globally, there are various Made in India projects originating from Indian developers that have been trending on GitHub.

Here’s a list of the top projects with big databases devised from India—some of them are highly accessible and functional!


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If you want to build an API from scratch, this open-source project offers the best ecosystem with high functionality and easy accessibility with the minimal design of the UI. The repository has over 48,000 stars and around 200 contributors.


Providing GraphQL or REST APIs along with built-in permission for your data, Hasura is a project for increasing API development ten-fold. With built-in filtering, pattern search, and bulk insert, users can make powerful queries and real time conversions. It is also deployable with one-click on Hasura Cloud.


Built for keeping state-wise and district-wise records for COVID-19, a bunch of volunteers contributed to collect data that is available on this GitHub repository. Currently, it is publicly archived by the owner and is available in read-only format.

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Developed with mobile-first focus, NativeBase is a library for accessible components for Web and React Native for building consistent UI across Web, iOS, and Android. The newer version 3.0 comes with ARIA integration and support for nearly 40 components that are consistent on all the platforms. 


Among the long running Indian projects on GitHub, Chatwoot is an open-source customer engagement suite. It is said to be an alternative to Zendesk, Intercom, or Salesforce as it lets users manage customer data and interact with them irrespective of their medium of communication. It supports conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, SMS, and API Channel.


A Kubernetes-based serverless platform, SpaceCloud provides real time APIs on any database helping one to build modern applications without learning backend coding. It is supported on MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server. It can replace backend php, nodejs, java code and help one write code over an external API, directly consumable with frontend.

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A useful repository for enterprise resource planning, erpnext includes several areas for managing businesses like accounting, warehouse management, sales, purchase, CRM, HRMS, manufacturing, among many others. It is a full stack web app framework that is built with Python and Javascript, with MariaDB as a database.


Botkube allows users to monitor Kuberneters cluster, debug critical deployments, and also provides recommendations for general practices by checking on the Kubernetes resources. It can be integrated with multiple communication platforms like Slack, Discord, and Mattermost. It can be deployed on any cluster like K3d, kubernetes on cloud, or bare-metal one. 


With more than 22,000 stars, appsmith repository is a low code project to build admin panels, dashboards, and internal tools that can be integrated with more than 15 databases and any API. One can build apps in four simple steps with this repository by building their UI, connecting the data, connecting the data to the UI, and deploying the app.

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