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Understanding Consumers in Digital Era – 16th-17th Nov 2015, Noida

Understanding Consumers in Digital Era – 16th-17th Nov 2015, Noida


IIM Lucknow is pleased to inform you of CMEE’s forthcoming Workshop to be held at IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus on November 16th-17th, 2015 – Understanding Consumers in Digital Era. November 18th-20th, 2015-

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The workshops will feature some of the top experts of the leading industry, key people of social networking sites and marketing industry. The workshop will be leaded by 2 legends of Qualitative & Quantitative marketing Prof Russel Belk and Prof Naresh Malhotra as the main speakers.


Consumers are rapidly getting used to digital platforms for online shopping and sharing experiences. Marketers realize the importance of the digital medium to understand, interact with and satisfy consumers on a continuous basis. Digital transformation is one of the top trends in top marketing companies. This workshop aims at discussing data collection methods on the digital media along with approaches to analyze the data obtained. Qualitative and quantitative techniques of collecting and analyzing data will be discussed in the workshop. Marketing research professionals as well as marketers who want to obtain deep insights from understanding the online consumer will benefit from this workshop.

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Marketing research is regarded as a foundation topic in marketing education and comprises one of the most important components of marketing practice. Many instructors, however, often consider “Marketing Research” a challenging topic to teach, and a dry subject for students to learn. This workshop attempts to provide an innovative teaching methodology in a way that will engage students. An attractive curriculum comprised of exercises, case studies and group projects will be shared to address the challenge in teaching marketing research process. Participants will be exposed to contemporary fascinating facets of qualitative and quantitative marketing research tools and techniques commonly used in marketing and consumer behavior research for marketing decision


All participants are requested to fill in the registration form. Click Here to download the Workshop Registration Form. Kindly ensure that the completed form is mailed to [email protected]



Prof. Satyabhusan Dash

Chairperson, CMEE

IIM Lucknow (Noida campus)

Phone (Office): +91 – 120 -6678486

Mobile: +91-9971616700,

Email: [email protected]


Ms. Ginni Bharti

Research Associate, CMEE

IIM Lucknow (Noida campus)

Phone (Office): +91 – 120 -6678483

Mobile: +91-8588840324

Email: [email protected]

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