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US President Trump Signs New AI Initiative, Critics Think It Missed The Mark

US President Trump Signs New AI Initiative, Critics Think It Missed The Mark

donald trump

donald trump

US President Donald Trump this week signed an executive order to fast-track the development and regulation of artificial intelligence in the country. This move is a part of their American AI Initiative and aims to better educate workers, improve access to cloud computing, data, AI and promote cooperation with other countries.

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Experts now think that this order may define the future of everything — from consumer products to healthcare and even warfare. Critics have also noted that the order has not set aside any funds for research and development in AI.

According to reports, this order by US President Trump has sprung from the fact that the US has not been able to keep up with China with respect to the advancements in emerging technologies, especially AI. Many have also suggested that former defence minister Jim Mattis has a large role to play in this development.

The US initiative, which follows a basic roadmap, has listed five key pillars for the same:

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  • Research and development
  • Infrastructure
  • Governance
  • Workforce
  • International engagement

Last year, India’s NITI Aayog had unveiled a discussion paper which addressed the national strategy on artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in India. Here, the government think tank identified five sectors to focus its efforts towards the implementation of AI to serve societal needs. The five sectors are:

  • Healthcare: increased access and affordability of quality healthcare
  • Agriculture: enhanced farmers’ income, increased farm productivity and reduction of wastage
  • Education: improved access and quality of education
  • Smart Cities and Infrastructure: efficient and connectivity for the burgeoning urban population
  • Smart Mobility and Transportation: smarter and safer modes of transportation and better traffic and congestion problems

India’s strategy report had also proposed a two-tiered structure to address India’s AI research aspirations:

  1. Centre of Research Excellence (CORE) focused on developing a better understanding of existing core research and pushing technology frontiers through the creation of new knowledge
  2. International Centers of Transformational AI (ICTAI) with a mandate of developing and deploying application-based research. Private sector collaboration is envisioned to be a key aspect of ICTAIs.
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