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WhiteSmoke, The AI-Powered Writing Assistant Which Acts Like A Micromanaging English Professor

WhiteSmoke, The AI-Powered Writing Assistant Which Acts Like A Micromanaging English Professor

Nobody is perfect, even the renowned writers make mistake. Whether you’re drafting an email or trying to pen a book, all of us make mistakes that range from typos and grammar errors to spelling mistakes and bad tense.

Over the years, as online and print media has boomed and the demand for writers has skyrocketed. And witnessing such demand, writers across the world are practising day in and out to ensure that their writing is error-free — everything from their punctuation to their overall sentence structure.

How this AI-powered writing assistant works

While there are people who let technology take care of writing all by itself, there are another kind of people too who just need some help with their writing. The internet is loaded with numerous tools that correct grammar, typos, and check plagiarism. However, not every tool is up to the mark and delivers satisfactory results.

Considered as one of the best writing enhancement software, WhiteSmoke is an AI-powered writing tool. It not only analyses words and sentences and check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, or style errors but also checks and matches what you have written with a massive online database of submitted papers, emails, and journal entries for plagiarism. It helps improve your overall writing style. That is not all, this amazing tool is created and equipped with a detailed translator that’s packed with 50 different languages, which means you can perfect your writing virtually from anywhere you do it.

But how does WhiteSmoke work? Powered by AI and algorithms to draw on the contextual patterns of human speech, the platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is the same how Siri and Alexa work.

Talking about the compatibility of the platform, White smoke is created in such a way that it supports both mobile and desktop platforms. Also, it is loaded with a variety of tutorials for writing and record templates that can help you save time throughout the drafting procedure.

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Other Instances Of AI Taking Care Of Writing

As technology continues to evolve, there is no dying to the fact that every industry is starting to look vincible for AI — it is becoming the virtuoso of every space. Talking about the writing industry, artificial intelligence is disrupting. To write data-driven content, many companies across the world have already started to us AI writers that turns data into narratives. This is not the only writing space where AI has taken the driving seat, there are other spaces too where AI is doing incredibly well.

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For example, DeepBeat is an AI-powered program that uses machine learning techniques to generate rap lyrics. The program combines lines from existing rap songs and comes up with a complete song, where lines and word rhyme and make sense.

Another example of AI playing a vital role in writing is the movie Sunspring, one of the best 10 short films at Sci-Fi London. Directed filmmaker Oscar Sharp, the movie was written by the first screenwriting software created by scientist Ross Goodwin.

Reading analytics is another vertical where AI is being actively used and Inkitt is a great example. Inkitt is an AI-driven service that understands readers and connects them with authors; it is almost like a community where people can discover new works. Also, it has competitions where the popular works get published.

Words Of Wisdom

Writing well means communicating well — it is a superpower not everyone possesses. With so many technologies coming into the world, things are getting easier. However, when it comes to writing, it is mostly considered to be a good practice that we correct ourselves, instead of using technology. So, if you are a writer, make sure you know the nuts and bolts of writing — from grammar to spellings.

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