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Why Recommendations Are Vital For A Web Page?

Why Recommendations Are Vital For A Web Page?

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With the fast development of smart devices and reliable internet connections via carriers or Wi-Fi, there are even easier ways of accessing the web. This is positive news for web based businesses, because their consumers are more reachable and present on their sites. However, this also has some substantial implications for the modern day consumer attention span and focus.


There are numerous research papers such as the Chao Liu and colleagues research from Microsoft, which lead to the conclusion that the right information needs to be communicated to the user within the first 10 seconds.

Moreover, this rapid development is seen as another segment where ads can be implemented. As a consequence, users are flooded with them, which are perceived as noise and thus are ignored. This actually confirms the importance of the core data that the web page has to offer.

In this world of fast moving users, where an alternative website is just a click away, a necessity for grabbing the users’ attention, with the best possible information, is vital. That is where our recommendation engine comes in. We offer diverse recommendations in real-time, tailored to the particular user needs and personality. The results are seamlessly generated, with great attention to detail and focus to the user.

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Regarding the identification of an individual, in this modern society, the conventional approaches have been surpassed and identification is increasingly shifting towards social media pages. They best represent the user’s interests, likes, dislikes and his personality in general. Consequently, here, at Infinite Analytics,, we are using the immense amount of information provided from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, to get better acquainted with the user and their preferences, cultural backgrounds, habits and anything else that would lead to an improved recommendation engine which provides what the user needs. This, in addition to other data sources such as past transactional data, browsing behavior, macro trends, etc allows us to bring in a multidimensional view of the user.

The most important conclusion is that, rather than offering just another container where you can market your products, we are providing what the user is searching for, more efficiently and accurately than before. With this, we are improving the engagement on the site and we provide a better and more involved audience. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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