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Wipro’s Industry Focused Big Data Analytics-as-a-Service Platform Now Available On Microsoft Azure

Wipro’s Industry Focused Big Data Analytics-as-a-Service Platform Now Available On Microsoft Azure

Wipro, the Software giant headquartered in Bangalore, announced the availability of Data Discovery Platform which is a big data analytics-as-a-service solution on Microsoft Azure.  Available for various industries such as banking, financial services, retail, energy, education, manufacturing are others, the Data Discovery platform would enable the businesses to bridge the gap between the insights required by business and the information that is available.

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The solution would accelerate insight-driven decision making through pre-built applications for these specific industries.

With Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform, the businesses can embark on an analytics journey with value added services of process simplification and business transformation. This collaboration by Wipro and Microsoft would also address various other aspects of the solution such as engineering, solution enhancements, and joint go-to market strategy.

Wipro, in its company blog post mentioned that the platform leverages Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite which includes HDInsight, Stream Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, Machine Learning and Power BI to build analytical applications. “Currently, fourteen Wipro Data Discovery Platform applications have been showcased on Microsoft Advanced Analytics Partner Solution Showcase”, it said.

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Pallab Deb, Vice President & Global Head – Analytics, Wipro Limited said “Together, Microsoft and Wipro have built an industry sector-specific apps ecosystem on the Data Discovery Platform. Today, the platform is a significant enabler of Analytics led Digital Transformation delivering Analytics-as-a-Service to organizations.”

“We believe that this is a reflection of the Wipro Data Discovery Platform’s maturity and Microsoft’s confidence in the prowess of this platform,” he further shared.

“Wipro is well-positioned to build effective systems of intelligence for clients with the power of Cortana Intelligence, Power BI and Azure,” said Joseph Sirosh, Corporate VP, Cloud AI Platform, Microsoft.

With Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform, that is a leading example of leveraging the data and artificial intelligence capabilities, Microsoft Azure has built novel domain-specific business applications across industry verticals. “By developing pre-built domain specific apps on the platform, Wipro is able to accelerate time-to-value while ensuring scalability and performance”, Sirosh added.

Wipro has been harnessing the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies for long to help clients help adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

The two tech giants have been strategic partners for decades, with Wipro demonstrating its commitment to this relationship by investing in new industry-leading solutions for customers on the Azure platform.

A word on the Data Discovery platform by Wipro-

As Wipro believes, as the businesses are moving towards accurate and accelerated decision making, ‘Insights-as-a-Service’  has become a priority for virtually every type of industry. Analytics is way out here as it allows business to be more productive and agile in delivering value by supporting smarter decisions. However, organizations may face challenges around data acquisition and usage, time required for delivering insights, high infrastructure cost, among others during analytics adoption.

This is where Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform (DDP) comes to rescue. With its industry specific apps, DDP covers the entire spectrum from data to information to insights. It not only empower customers with relevant insights but allows businesses to gain valuable insights and bridge the gap between insights and information. It leverages techniques such as visual sciences and storytelling with data.

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