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Zeta Is Revolutionising Fintech Space By Providing Cloud-Based Solutions For Employee Benefits

Zeta Is Revolutionising Fintech Space By Providing Cloud-Based Solutions For Employee Benefits

Ramki Gaddipati, CTO and co-founder of Zeta

Fintech startups in India have seen exponential growth in the last few years with a surge in digital mode of payments and companies offering digitised enterprise solutions. While the likes of Paytms have made a significant mark in the space, there are others such as Zeta who are witnessing unprecedented growth and success.

Founded in 2016, Zeta excels in offering solutions for employee tax benefits, automated cafeterias and digital payment. Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Ramki Gaddipati, CTO and co-founder of Zeta to get interesting insights on the startup and how have they been able to service over 170 corporates in less than a year.

The Story Behind Zeta

Gaddipati shares that he founded Zeta along with serial entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia with a vision to disrupt India’s digital payments space. “We wanted to make payments easy, inclusive and valuable for corporations, employees and merchants everywhere. Our offerings revolve around the central idea that spending and receiving money should be easy, fast, and trouble-free,” he shares.

Keeping their vision in mind, they forayed into digitised enterprise solutions with revolutionary solutions for employee tax benefits, automated cafeterias, and gifting. They have the following offerings:

Zeta Tax Benefits: Zeta started its journey by launching an innovative cloud-based enterprise solution for employee benefits called Zeta Tax Benefits. The tax benefits suite includes smart solutions such as fuel and vehicle maintenance, telecom reimbursement, gadget allowance, gift card, LTA and many more. Zeta Tax Benefits makes it possible for employees to save up to Rs 80,000 in taxes every year.

Zeta Express®: It is a smartphone-based meal ordering and payment solution that is revolutionising the corporate in cafeteria space. With Express, employees can place an order from the convenience of their desks using the Zeta app within seconds, thereby enabling an efficient meal ordering experience.

Zeta Spotlight®: It is an on-demand platform to digitally manage every kind of gifting and R&R need for employees and channel partners. From on-the-spot awards to festive occasions, sales incentives to special occasions, a corporate can plan and execute gifting for every occasion digitally with Zeta Spotlight®. Corporates can choose what they want to gift with no vendor management, no pilferage and no time lost in logistical hassles.

Over the last three years, Zeta has built a diverse and strong client base with names such as Tata Motors, Oyo rooms, Shopclues, Motilal Oswal among others, and has helped corporates save time, cut costs and reduce duplication of work.

“Zeta provides some of the latest technologies which are backed by technologies like optical character recognition, or OCR, and machine-driven transcription. Our platform also offers real-time analytics that helps corporates in decision-making,” shares Gupddipati.

Understanding The Data Analytics Play At Zeta

Gaddipati explains that the idea behind every Zeta product is to maximise efficiency and reduce the time that is wasted in usual processes and to achieve that, they rely heavily on analytics.

Founders at Zeta strongly believe that quantitative insights revealing behaviour can actually give a fair measure of employee’s preferences including purchase. They use item consumption and trend metrics to gauge what employees are purchasing and not within the cafeteria.

“Analytics that gives the highest selling item or the lowest selling item can effectively predict employee purchase behaviour. Employee Feedback (both positive and negative) also helps us to co-relate one’s likelihood of a specific purchase. All the above metrics and much more are available to the corporates through our analytics dashboard which we call as Express insights,” he says.

Real-time analytics helps the company to manage their inventory better. It also helps them find what employees are spending on, predict demand in the cafeteria by modelling their historic purchases, eliminate food wastage and raise a better ROI.

Zeta has also expanded its automated cafeteria portfolio to offer advanced deep analytics – Express Insights. The Insights feature is a first-of-its-kind solution in the automated cafeteria industry that will offer corporates and cafeteria vendors detailed analysis to enable better food management and enhance overall cafeteria experience.

Since inception, Zeta Express® has powered 275+ cafeterias across 130+ corporates in India.

Roadmap For The Coming Year

Gaddipati is quick to share that personalisation analytics would be a key building block towards presenting metrics to clients. They also aim to analyse behavioural data to reveal patterns, trends and any correlations to improve customer offerings. “We would work closely with organisations understanding their needs and the deliverables expected for managing their cafeterias and help them get relevant and customised metrics which can be deeply drilled to specifics thereby giving a lot of productivity-enhancing and cost minimising levers,” he said on a concluding note.

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