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10 things adopting Bots can do to your Business

10 things adopting Bots can do to your Business


Robot and BusinessWe are constantly getting involved with machines. Whether business or a daily routine, robotics is transforming the very essence of our existence. If we talk about business, it’s proving their worth in industries ranging across healthcare to manufacturing to retail. And why not? With a surge in digital forces such as cloud and analytics, machine intelligence is at its best today. And with our acumen to inculcate natural language processing as an interface into the modern chatbots, it is facilitating a user experience like never before. Let’s have a look at how this explosion of bots is witnessing a free-flowing transition and how it could bring a change in the way business is conducted today.

1. Train for repetitive tasks:

Often in the business customer and lead identification is a manual work. Bots can very well identify prospective customers in a quick and effective way if it is taught to do so and will not get bored off the monotony of the job.

2. Simplify and customize research:

Bots can be your perfect engines for qualitative and quantitative research and produce relevant results. All it requires is a rightfully designed code. It reduces long and mundane market research done by humans that often gets ignored. Capturing behavioural data and using it for improving customer services is something that bots can do the best.

3.Simplify other functionalities:

Bots can be deployed for common business tasks such as preparing time sheets, expense reports and more. It will lessen considerable development efforts.

4. Speed up decision making:

With the ever growing ‘intelligence’ of robots, they are soon becoming the decision bearers of the business. The advanced and well defined workflows that come along with a business, a bot’s support for better precision and safety could do wonders.

5. Heroes behind the screen:

Bots need not be customer dealing all the time. Many of them work behind the scenes in things like organizing business operations, improving cyber security, manage work environment and more.

6. Be your search tool:

The manual search results may yield a long list of information which many a times could be totally irrelevant and at other times gets tedious to assemble and consolidate the information. Robots can do all this for you, if giving suitable training.

7. Not just one but does an entire lot:

Though most bots are assigned specific tasks, they are capable of executing a whole lot of functions together. The pace with which advances are being achieved today and with better algorithms, the time is not far when personal assistant that could work around 360 degrees would be available.

8. Cost and work efficiency:

There is no second thought on robots working faster than humans without a need to invest more money on them. In sectors such as retail and accounting, bots could be recruited for a greater efficiency at a lower price. It also negates the chances of human errors!

9. Add a few more skills:

With the rise of machine intelligence, you can add desirable skills and new languages to your skill set and be a notch higher than your peers in the business. MySong application is one such example that helps people create their original music without prior experience in songwriting and playing.  

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10. It can create new jobs too:

Though the popular belief is bots taking a toll on jobs, the fact that they are built by humans and they would be needed to program them, fix them and teach them to work the way we want, creates an altogether a new opportunity for employment.

Also in sectors such as IT and creative industries, new jobs created by AI pay an average of £10,000 a year more than the jobs being lost to automation, as claimed by Rohan Silva, former government technology advisor.


The days have far surpassed when bots would enable games and app discovery, today they are much more than that. There is no doubt that their adoption has added much more value to the business that is conducted today and we look forward to much advanced ways in which bots can transform the business.

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