A Decade of React.js Ecosystem: Top 10 React Libraries 

As React celebrates its 10th anniversary, we present to you the top 10 React libraries that are widely used and trusted by developers
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Facebook had a huge user base back in 2011 making it a daunting task for the creators to make the experience seamless for its users. The objective was clear — to develop a user interface that was not only dynamic and responsive but also blazingly fast and exceptionally high-performing. 

React played a key role in achieving this back then. Brought to life by Jordan Walke, one of Facebook’s software engineers, React revolutionised the development process, offering a streamlined and structured approach to constructing dynamic and interactive user interfaces. This innovative framework empowered developers by providing reusable components, simplifying the creation of rich and engaging user experiences.

However, React is not just like any other framework. It comes with a set of libraries that has tools which developers can put into use for different purposes like animation, creating forms or creative visually appealing user interfaces that improves the user experience. These libraries come equipped with pre-built components such as form inputs, pagination elements, menus, buttons, icon sets, and time/date pickers, making it easier and faster to implement these essential features in React frameworks.

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As React celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023, we present to you the top 10 React libraries that are widely used and trusted by developers. 


Redux Toolkit is a widely used library for managing state in React applications. It offers a collection of tools and best practices that help developers handle state efficiently. With Redux Toolkit, you can define and update state using a simplified interface. It also provides useful features like immutable updates, which ensure the integrity of your state, and supports serializable action types for better control. 


SWR is a well-known library used for managing server state in React applications. The name stands for stale-while-revalidate, which is a cache invalidation strategy widely recognized in the HTTP RFC 5861. 


Next.js offers a comprehensive range of powerful features, such as automatic code splitting, server-side rendering, and static site generation, among others. It is particularly well-suited for developing intricate applications that demand server-side rendering and SEO optimization. To begin working with Next.js, the simplest approach is to utilize create-next-app.

Tailwind CSS 

Tailwind CSS is a CSS framework that prioritises utility-first development, allowing for the quick creation of custom user interfaces. It is a flexible and customisable framework that provides essential building blocks for designing unique interfaces. Unlike some other frameworks, Tailwind CSS avoids imposing opinionated styles that can be difficult to override, granting developers greater freedom in their design choices.


Sentry is a comprehensive error-tracking framework that simplifies the process by handling the framework, back end, and visualization console for you. It offers seamless integration into your JavaScript codebase with minimal effort required.

React Hook Form 

In 2023, React Hook Form emerged as the recommended choice for managing forms. This library is known for its lightweight nature, speedy performance, and user-friendly approach. React Hook Form simplifies form handling and validation. It offers a versatile API that facilitates the construction of forms, along with seamless integration with popular validation libraries like Yup and Zod.

React Spring 

​​Animations can greatly enhance user interfaces, and React provides several popular animation libraries like React Spring. It  simplifies the process of generating seamless and responsive animations, requiring minimal code to achieve impressive results.

React Testing Library and Cypress

When it comes to testing React applications, two excellent options to consider are React Testing Library for unit testing and Cypress for end-to-end testing.

React Testing Library is a JavaScript testing tool specifically designed for testing React components. In automated tests, where there is no physical DOM to work with, React Testing Library comes to the rescue by offering a virtual DOM. This virtual DOM enables us to interact with and validate the behavior of React components, ensuring their functionality is thoroughly tested.

Cypress is a dependable and powerful solution for end-to-end testing of React applications. It allows you to create tests that replicate real user interactions with your application, such as clicking buttons, entering text via keyboard, and submitting forms. With Cypress, you can comprehensively test your React application’s functionality and ensure a smooth user experience.

React Router 

React Router stands out as a highly favored routing library for React applications. It offers a simple and expressive approach to managing routing, allowing developers to define routes and dynamically render components based on the current URL. With React Router, handling navigation becomes more straightforward and declarative in React applications.


Recharts is renowned as a reliable and widely used React chart library among professionals and web developers. The components offered by Recharts are primarily designed for presentation purposes, aligning with their declarative nature.

Reputed professionals often recommend Recharts as the top choice for those seeking a straightforward and simplified approach to accomplish their data visualization projects.

Siddharth Jindal
Siddharth is a media graduate who loves to explore tech through journalism and putting forward ideas worth pondering about in the era of artificial intelligence.

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