AIM Data Science Faculty Awards 2021: Who Are The Winners?

The awards celebrate excellence in data science/ analytics/ machine learning/ AI pedagogy.

Analytics India Magazine’s inaugural SkillUp summit concluded on April 23. The two-day virtual event drew the attention of academics, industry experts and students alike. On the last day of the edu fair, AIM honoured distinguished faculty members in the field of data science. The awards celebrate excellence in data science/ analytics/ machine learning/ AI pedagogy:

Dr J Janet

Category: Lifetime Achievement Award


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Dr J. Janet, the Principal and Professor of the Computer Science & Engineering department in Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, won the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

With 26 years of experience in Engineering and a Proud Recipient of the AICTE Visveswaraya Best Teacher Award 2020, Dr Janet’s main research interests include artificial intelligence, data science, image processing and wireless networks. She has published 150+ articles in peer-reviewed international journals and has also delivered 120+ lectures in both national and international conferences. She also has 18 national patents and a book series to her credit.

U Dinesh Kumar, IIM Bangalore

Category: Distinguished Professor Award

U Dinesh Kumar is the Chairperson of Master of Business Administration IIM Bangalore. His research interests include business analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, and performance-based logistics, to name a few. He has published several research articles in reputed academic journals and worked on more than thirty business analytics and machine learning case studies of Indian and multinational organisations. Dinesh authored a book, in 2017, titled “Business Analytics – The Science of Data-Driven Decision Making”, published by Wiley.  

“It’s a great honor to receive the distinguished professor award from a prestigious organisation such as Analytics India Magazine. I would like to dedicate this award to all my students who encouraged me to write cases that are now bestsellers at the Harvard Business publishing and books that frequently appear as Amazon bestsellers,” said Kumar

Dr Venkatesh Sunkad, INSOFE

Category: Distinguished Professor Award

Dr Venkatesh Sunkad is a mentor and Dean in the International School of Engineering, INSOFE. With 20+ years of research, academic and industry experience in machine learning, AI, data science, telecom, cable, wireless and IoT industry, Dr Sunkad currently works at INSOFE as a Professor and Dean of New Product Development. His responsibilities include research in training, consultancy and helping industries and businesses in various technology and strategy challenging areas. He has also been featured in the Top 50 Cable Technologists by Cable Today Magazine, and has delivered more than 50 international talks and also published works in international journals.

Arihant Jain, Imarticus Learning

Category: Rising Star Award 

Arihant Jain, a data science trainer at Imarticus Learning, won the Rising Star Award. With eight years of experience in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Arihant is currently working as Lead Data Scientist in the Fintech domain. As a mentor to different data science aspirants, Arihant, so far has worked with more than 1000+ diverse learners, including freshers and experienced professionals, and trained them on data science. Arihant also helps aspirants design  projects and solve different assignments and case studies. He has also been active in content creation and speaking on different AI, ML and data science forums.

Dr Anil Jadhav

Category: Award of Excellence in Research 

The winner for the Award of Excellence in Research category is Dr Anil Jadhav, an Associate Professor in Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Symbiosis International. Dr Anil comes with 20 years of experience in teaching data science subjects, including data mining, big data analytics, business analytics, and Python to students pursuing MBA in Data Science and Data Analytics. He has also published research papers in reputed international journals and has led several research conferences. Dr Anil has been a member of the Technical Programme Committee for many international conferences. 

Dr Sourav Saha, Praxis Business School

Category: Best Senior Faculty Award

Dr Sourav Saha is a ML professional and an educator in the Advanced Analytics area with close to two decades of experience. Dr Sourav has publications in the field of Management Information System at various international conferences and has been a speaker on Data Science & Cloud Computing at leadership forums and graduate schools. In his current role as a Professor and Academics Dean at Praxis Business School, Dr Sourav aims to promote Data Science for everyone and execute University Partnership and International Dual Certification in Higher Education.

Kamal Das, Jigsaw Academy

Category: Best Senior Faculty Award

The second winner for the category of Best Senior Faculty Award is Kamal Das, the Head of Data Science Programs at Jigsaw Academy. With almost 19 years of experience in analytics, finance and business, Kamal not only heads the data science programs but also works as a visiting faculty for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and other business schools. Being an avid learner, Kamal focuses on applying his learnings to solve problems in global competition platforms like Kaggle. He is currently ranked in the top 0.23% of Kaggle participants worldwide in the Competition category. Kamal has even developed an advanced COVID prediction model.

Dr Samiksha Shukla, CHRIST University

Category: Best Women Faculty Award

The two winners for the Best Women Faculty Award are — Dr Samiksha Shukla, from CHRIST University, Pune Lavasa Campus, and Sayantani Roy Choudhury, from Praxis Business School.

Dr Samiksha Shukla is currently employed as an Associate Professor and Head of the Data Science Department at CHRIST University. Her research interest includes computation security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and big data. With 16 years of academic and research experience, Dr Shukla is a certified AWS educator who has been serving as a reviewer for several journals and conferences. She has an integrated set of competencies that encompass areas related to teaching, mentoring, strategic management, and establishing the Centre of Excellence via industry tie-ups.

Sayantani Roy Choudhury, Praxis Business School

Category: Best Women Faculty Award

Sayantani Roy Choudhury is an Associate professor at Praxis business school, Kolkata. With a PhD and MPhil in economics and a MSc specialisation in econometrics and statistics, Sayantani has 20 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. At Praxis, she has been part of the data science faculty team, where she teaches statistics, econometrics, and time series analysis to data science students. Sayantani has also published more than 12 peer-reviewed research papers and book chapters.

Neetu Bali Kamra, Lloyd Business

Category: Best Young Faculty Award 

With 16 years of teaching experience, Neetu Bali Kamra is currently working as Assistant Professor at Lloyd Business School for Business Analytics Program. Neetu is SAP and IBM certified in data science and analytics and has more than 15 papers published and presented in various colleges and universities. She is also a trainer in design thinking, and has worked as an administrative and human resource generalist at Tata Consultancy. Neetu aspires to develop expertise in Human Resources Analytics as a specialisation.

Gourab Nath, Praxis Business School

Category: Best Young Faculty Award 

Gourab Nath, is a Faculty Member of Data Science and is currently heading the Post Graduate Program of Data Science at Praxis Business School, Bangalore. He has more than six years of experience in teaching, where he has mentored plenty of students and guided several capstone projects in data science and AI. Gourab has presented many research papers in reputed international conferences and has received the “Best Paper” award for one of his publications. Gourab has even spoken at India’s largest analytics summits, Cypher, and has been an official member of the Analytics India Magazine Expert Network (AEN) and a mentor in the Statistics with R community.

Dr Anandhan Jayaraman, INSOFE

Category: Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

The winner for the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award category is Dr Anandhan Jayaraman, a Professor of Financial Modeling, Supply Chain, Machine Learning and AI at INSOFE. Dr Anandhan is also a Quant trader, Cryptoasset investor and a data science evangelist. He has strong experience in using mathematical, numerical, and statistical techniques to analyse complex physical problems. For the last five years, he has been consulting on data science related projects in various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial markets & political analytics.

Mafas Raheem, Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

Category: Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award 

The winner for the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award category is Mafas Raheem, a Lecturer at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia. An academic specialising in the field of data science & business analytics, Mafas comes with 15 years of experience. He aims to provide exceptional training and prepare students to be industry-ready by exposing them to the data science and analytics competitions conducted across the world. His research areas include business intelligence, visual analytics, and text analytics.

Watch the full award session here

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