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An Analytics Team Checklist For Getting Back-To-Work After The Lockdown

An Analytics Team Checklist For Getting Back-To-Work After The Lockdown

Analytics checklist for lockdown

While the analytics industry gears up to return to work as the lockdown is approaching its end, it is evident that there will be a lot of changes to the typical workplace setting. Not all the workforce will be at the office from day one. A lot of policies and strategies require to be implemented to ensure that the analytics team, which is vital for companies’ growth, has a safe and smooth transition. It is the organisations’ responsibility to make sure all the work-, landlord-, and safety-related policies are implemented.

Below is a checklist that will tell you about the crucial points to consider as your analytics team gets back to work: –

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Check For Local Stats And Regulations

While many of the workplaces will be eager to return to work, it is essential to keep in mind that the implications of COVID-19 are not suddenly going to stop. So, before bring back your analytics team to the workplace, follow these steps: –

  • Explore the guidance provided by the state government on reopening office buildings for your analytics team
  • Enquire whether there are any additional permissions or certifications that an organisation needs to get from the authorities

Having An Emergency Plan

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The emergency plan should include two things:

  • First, have a communication plan that consists of an emergency communication strategy in the event of another lockdown
  • Consider the Families First Coronavirus act for your analytics team where you might be required to provide emergency leave to staff members

Ensures Safe Working Environment

Safety is the first and foremost thing when it comes to returning to work. Always be on the lookout for new health guidelines and make sure you: –

  • Continue to promoting handwashing
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently even though the workplace was cleaned before opening the building for operation
  • Provide sanitisers, extra masks and ensure every best practice is being implemented
  • Plan for better ventilation and comfort of the staff

Business Alignment Plan

  • Decide on whether your business alignment plan has the list of essential roles and individuals included in re-entry
  • Have solid plans and response mechanisms that are tried and tested in case reopening fails

Develop Policy On Employee Interaction

Your analytics team needs to interact a lot among themselves for better work. So, ensure employees implement policies while interaction as well as enhance productivity.

  • Write post policies for team members sharing common devices
  • Put up boards that indicate how many people should be in a specific room and create a ‘maximum capacity’ boards for others
  • Check to see if there are better positions for employees to work, which will ensure social distancing
  • Inform delivery executives to practice contact-less delivery

Opting For Shift Work And Look At Employee Travel Plans

Companies have to look at bringing in their analytics workforce back to normal slowly so that they do not risk crowding the workspace.

  • Plan shifts for the staff and decide who might be the best ones to work in shifts
  • Look at staff members who can still be productive even if they work from home
  • Plan shifts for staff members who travel a long distance to get to work
  • Look for policies that will allow for some reimbursement for transportation of the employees
  • Employees travelling from the red zones should be asked to quarantine themselves and work from home
  • Ask all the employees about their travel plans
  • Ask your IT sector on simplifying remote travelling as business travel might not return anytime soon

Technology And Security

  • Implement better occupancy and employee tracking for building location, potential infection zones, and space utilisation
  • Evaluate equipment in every room to provide at the desk, like mouse keyboards, laptops, AC remotes, etc.
  • Establish entry/exit protocols for employees returning to the office premise
  • Establish clear building shutdown policies in case the workspace needs to be shut down again

Get Approvals

  • Decide on who will be a responsible figure in your analytics team to govern announcing openings/closures and other things related to the actions regarding the pandemic
  • Determine who approves the reopening plan in an analytics team
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