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Analytics Firm Ugam Plans To Hire 1000 Freshers by January 2022

Analytics Firm Ugam Plans To Hire 1000 Freshers by January 2022

Ugam, a Merkle company and one of the leading Boutique Analytics firms, plans to hire over 1000 fresh graduates from top colleges in India by January 2022. Towards this, Ugam is visiting 75+ leading higher education institutes to interview final year students specializing in Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics and Management studies.

“Businesses today truly want to transform the customer experience. Ugam is experiencing tremendous growth because of our ability to help businesses shape and scale great experiences with our analytics and technology services. The over 1000 fresh graduates that we plan to hire over the next few months will help us support and accelerate this growth. These new Ugamites will be well equipped to solve real business problems through our ecosystem of continuous learning and experienced mentors.”  said Sunil Mirani, Co-Founder and CEO, Ugam. 

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Back in June 2021, Ugam announced plans to hire over 1300 analytics and technology professionals. To keep up with the growth momentum, the company will further add over 1000 graduates to its current 3000-person team. Merkle currently has 35% of its CMX talent in India with Ugam.

The hires would have opportunities around analytics, CX, cloud, research, and marketing technology.

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Ugam regularly visits top colleges to mentor up-and-coming analysts and help them gain hands-on industry experience. Ugam recently awarded interns for their cutting-edge work at the first edition of Ugam’s InternStellar Awards 2021. The awards celebrated excellence among high-performing interns who are skilled problem solvers, inquisitive learners, and effective communicators.

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