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Analytics India Companies Study 2013

Analytics India Companies Study 2013

Each year we publish a study on how analytics companies are coming up in various cities in India and where is the action happening.

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By Analytics Organizations we refer to companies that provide services externally around analytics and related fields. This can include training organizations or even large consulting companies with analytics as a service line. We have also included product companies that have created products with a deep focus or dependency around analytics.

  • Just 6% of analytics organizations worldwide are either based out of India or have operations in India.
  • Yet, the growth in analytics firms, both in India and worldwide, is tremendous. By our estimate, the number of analytics companies in India has grown three folds in last 1.5 years.

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  • Analytics firms have also grown in size. A year back, the percentage of analytics firms in India with employee size less 50 was 71%. This year, this number has decreased to 66%.
  • Last year the average employee strength of analytics providers in India is 76 employees. This year, this number has grown many folds to 270. Though we feel that there might be a bias here. As more large service providers enter analytics, the average employee strength of all firms increase at higher pace.

analytics india companies study3

  • Bangalore still is the hub of analytics in India, though other cities are coming up. Last year, Bangalore housed 29% of all analytics firms in India. This is a decline of 2% from a year ago. Similarly, Mumbai (17% to 16%) and Delhi (15% to 11%) have seen a decline in overall % analytics companies.

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  • Hyderabad has seen the highest growth for analytics companies – from 8% in 2012 to 11% in 2013.

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  • Among all cities, Mumbai analytics companies have the highest average employee strength. 357 – Mumbai, 298 – Bangalore, 134 – Delhi.

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  • Bhaskar, I am planing to join MICA – market research and data analytic course. I have 5 years of experience in market research. So , what is your view about this course.

  • Hi Bhaskar, Great article, though I have a suggestion on a couple of charts you’ve put there. Don’t you think the graphs on percentage of analytics companies in India / in each city v/s employee strength would be better represented as a histogram and not as a smooth line (which makes it look like a continuous function)? I point this out because the charts represent finite discrete data points gathered from your research and hence its improbable you will have data across all values in the range.

  • hello sir , i m a C A Final pursuing student and i want to know that whether i m eligible for becoming a analyst with my current educational qualification

  • Hii Sir,
    Hope you doing good. I’m pursuing engineering and having keen interest in digital marketing, Web and analysis.Could you please suggest me is there any course i should join so that i can explore it to the fullest.

  • Dear bhasker sir,
    I am planning to do pgpba fron great lakes institute. I have 3 years of experience in production sector. Please advise me whether to opt for the program or not. What will be the placement scenario after doing completing the course from great lakes.

    Ashis parida

    • Ashis, Its certainly a great course to take up. This has been the first year for the course and I have seen them put a lot of emphasis on the course and overall development. So my full marks to Great Lakes analytics course.

  • @Bhaskar, when overall growth across cities is not much, how one should
    perceive the jump in mean employment from 76 to 270? – (title changes, internal
    transfers, ??).

    • Pradeep. Please refer to the following quote in the article-

      “By our estimate, the number of analytics companies in India has grown three folds in last 1.5 years.”

      • Bhaskar, if that is the case, then why it is not reflected in major cities growth, from where mean employment growth is coming?

        • The % no. we are showing against cities is not their growth %, but their % contribution in each year’s total companies. In other words, Bangalore contributed 31% of all analytics companies in 2012 and 29% in 2013, even though the no. of companies in Bangalore might have grown almost 3 folds.

          • Bhaskar, How is the firm abzooba doing in the analytics landscape as one of the start ups in the arena of social media analytics.. ?

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