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Basic Guide To Starting A Career In Machine Learning

Basic Guide To Starting A Career In Machine Learning

machine learning

machine learning

The current era in which we live is progressing at a rapid rate. We are creating technology, which will make our lives a lot easier. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the fastest-growing branches in the Indian emerging tech industry.

ML plays an important role in AI. The process of teaching a machine to learn revolves around developing programs and algorithms. This is done by the machine collecting data from various sources and studying it in order to evolve. This data is studied and observed meticulously and is used to develop the programming system. Mostly the data consists of patterns which are studied in order to develop.

There are many methods in order to study this data which is collected from different sources. The important methods for machine learning are mainly divided into two main categories. They have supervised machine learning and unsupervised machine learning. 

Supervised Machine Learning

As the name suggests, this method has a supervisor present. This is the type of machine learning where the machine uses the past data fed to tell the future events or identify the new data which is collected or fed to the machine. Different types of examples are used for the machine to train it. Here, the machine is taught to identify similar data through the help of the previous data by an algorithm. For example, the machine is given a bouquet of different flowers, the machine is taught to identify each type of flower and then classified or labelled and it is then stored. And then used for future events.


Unsupervised Machine Learning

As the name suggests, there is no supervisor present to train any machine. Here the data collected is not labelled or classified like that in supervised machine learning. Here the machine classifies and sorts the given data without any previous information. Here the machine sorts the data by itself by identifying different kinds of patterns and other features. For example, the machine is provided with different dogs and cats, unsupervised machine learning works in such a way that the machine will identify the differences between cats and dogs by observing different patterns which it encounters without any prior information given.

There are other machine learning algorithms too. There is something called semi-supervised machine learning algorithm where a small amount of supervised data is provided to the machine. This method is mostly used to develop learning skills. There is also a method called as reinforcement machine learning where the machine interacts with its environment to evolve. 

Roles In ML

Machine learning helps to improve cognitive skills and much more. Since this era is evolving at a rapid rate people we need people who are brilliant with their machine learning skills. Machine learning plays an important part in building artificial intelligence. Machine learning is a pillar in order to build a good AI. Therefore, machine learning as a career option is very much beneficial in this era. 

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If you choose machine learning as a career path there are many jobs available like:

  • Software engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Software developer
  • Designer in human-centred ML

There are so many options to choose from. All the jobs are well paid and are a need at this age. If you are great at coding, these jobs are just meant for you. 

As a software engineer, you will be responsible for developing algorithms and creating codes which will support these algorithms. As a software developer, you will be responsible for making sure the upgrades work properly and testing machinery. As a designer, you will focus on how the computer learns and adapts. As a data scientist, you will only work with data with which the machine is connected.

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