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Coralogix To Invest Over $30 Million In India As A Part Of Its Expansion Plan

Coralogix To Invest Over $30 Million In India As A Part Of Its Expansion Plan

Coralogix, an Israel-based log analytics company announced its plan to set up a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) server support in Mumbai region. It aims at facilitating companies with regional server support,  data storage capabilities, and compliance with the upcoming security laws. 

Coralogix essentially provides machine learning-powered log analytics and monitoring solutions to companies. 

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As a part of its strategic expansion, the company will reportedly invest over $30 million in the next five years in India. 

The company believes that by localising data, it will help companies to meet compliance requirements for India’s new data privacy laws and dramatically improve service performance. 

Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology companies that collect user data will be most notably affected by these new laws.

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“When the new laws are enacted, we anticipate a profound sense of urgency for companies who fall under domestic compliance rules to store their data locally and avoid being penalised for non-compliance,” said Ariel Assaraf, CEO and co-Founder, Coralogix. 

Coralogix’s team worked closely with their counterparts at Amazon when launching the expansion.

Additionally, it is also rolling out an onsite team to provide sales and customer success support to India-based companies.

Many regional brands have already signed a deal with Coralogix. Some of its customers include Postman, Jupiter Money, BookMyShow and more.

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