How DevOps became a much sought after skill that firms are looking for?

Like the rise in the era of internet, cloud, AI or IoT, the tech world is currently ranting about the recent entrant into the list- the DevOps. Well, not a completely new finding, DevOps has been in existence in other forms and nature, and has seen an increased adoption in the industries across the globe. There are many organizations that has started to look at DevOps as a mainstream strategy and this has brought in a lot of employment opportunities.

Big firms like Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Barclays or Oracle are in a constant lookout for employees with skills in DevOps. Other companies like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Facebook, Adobe etc. too have hirings for DevOps.

This increased interest in the area of DevOps, led us to cover this area and understand a bit more about what DevOps is and how has it become a much sought-after skill that big firms are looking for.

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Understanding DevOps-

An interesting mashup of Development and Operations, DevOps has become the hottest trends of today. While there can often be a confusion about what it really is, it is important to note that DevOps is more that just a software methodology or placing people from the operations to the development team. It, in fact is following a set of practices that erases the boundary between operations and development.

In the usual scenario, many teams developing software typically spend more time in deployment activities than actually developing new features. This is where DevOps comes in handy, where it reduces the barrier between Development and Operations, thereby increasing development autonomy.

In simple words, it is the collaboration and communications between the software developers and IT to ensure faster delivery of the software processes. It brings IT and software to work more closely, while allowing quick and effortless deployment and keeping customers at the centre of the process.

In the current scenario where IT is constantly evolving, DevOps has become a critical driver for digital transformation, as it allows you to be more agile, deliver things faster and react to market conditions quicker.

DevOps- Qualification/ Roles & functionalities-

If the report by Gartner is to be believed, by the end of 2016, 25 percent of top global 2000 organizations would have adopted DevOps as a mainstream strategy. These numbers are significantly high and opens up a door for opportunities and roles in this area.

The few popular job titles that are gaining a momentum in DevOps space are— DevOps Architect, DevOps Engineer, DevOps manager, Security Engineer, Automation Engineer, Release manager and much more. Essentially, DevOps as a methodology includes providing a consistent software delivery, faster resolution of complex problems and crisp feature delivery to developers and operations managers. AIM tried to explore more roles and functionalities that jobs in DevOps area demand. Here’s a quick view:

Demanding an experience of 2 to 5 years in DevOps platforms for the role of DevOps engineers to an experience of 10-12 years for DevOps architect and manager roles, various companies can seek experience based on their requirements. A degree in technical subject or equivalent knowledge is preferred with a technical understanding of various DevOps methodologies.

Few of the skills that are required for role in DevOps (not necessarily all of them) are— SQL, Linux, Unix, MySQL, Automation, Python, Open source, Middleware, Java, Puppet, Maven, Crucible, Jenkins, Software configuration management, Cloud such as AWS/ Rackspace, Docker, OpenShift, vRealize, OpenStack, Ansible, MongoDB and more.  Writing and maintaining deployment scripts, managing nodes and diagnosing application services, server and network issues are some of the must haves.

A look at DevOp roles at Accenture and Oracle-

Oracle, for instance was hiring for DevOps Architect with an experience of 10-20 years and offering a salary of INR 25,00,000 – 40,00,000 P.A.The requirements that they stated for this role were-

  • A work experience in Ruby/Java development
  • Experience in at least one popular scripting language (Perl/Python/Jython)
  • Preferred Experience in Chef, Docker, Puppet, Packer, Salt
  • Preferred strong experience with Weblogic server
  • Object Oriented analysis and design using common design patterns.
  • Excellent knowledge of Relational Databases, SQL technologies
  • Experience with test-driven development

Similarly, Accenture while looking for DevOps Engineer demanded an experience of 2-5 years with following basic skills-

  • Experience of working with DevOps platforms
  • Good technical understanding of cloud infrastructure services in general (Azure, AWS), specific experience and knowledge of compute virtualization, automation and DevOps methodologies
  • Environment management: Linux/Unix, Windows, Shell Scripting, Ansible, Chef, Puppet;
  • Experience with coding and Software Defined Data Centers maintenance

DevOps Payscale-

According to Glassdoor, average salaries for DevOps engineers start from Rs 5.69 lakhs per annum, whereas PayScale suggests that Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 666,232 per year. Both the numbers are for an experience of an average of 2 years. PayScale also mentions that the greater the number of skills in DevOps a candidate is associated with, the higher is the pay. “Most people with this job move on to other positions after 10 years in this field”, notes PayScale.

Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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