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HDFC Bank transforms banking sector with the launch of its AI-powered chatbot EVA

HDFC Bank transforms banking sector with the launch of its AI-powered chatbot EVA

Recent announcement from HDFC Bank stated that the financial institution has launched an electronic virtual assistant (EVA). The chatbot will use artificial intelligence driven techniques to address customer issues. Nitin Chugh, Country Head, Digital Banking, HDFC Bank, states “HDFC Bank has always been ahead of the technology curve. We are the first to embrace AI bots in addressing day-to-day queries from our customers. EVA will complement our existing digital platforms in enhancing customer experience.”

EVA reflects the capability to assimilate knowledge from thousands of sources. Based on the know-how acquired, it can provide answers in simple language within 0.4 seconds. In fact, HDFC Bank claims EVA to be India’s first AI-powered banking chatbot that can answer millions of customer queries across multiple channels instantly.

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EVA assists HDFC bank’s customers to obtain information about its products and services instantaneously. Besides, the chatbot harbors capability to become smarter by learning from its customer interactions. EVA has already answered to over 1 lakh queries from thousands of customers across 17 countries worldwide, within the initial days of the chatbot’s launch.

The chatbot seems likely to break newer grounds in operational efficiency and customer experience by combining Senseforth’s disruptive technology, and HDFC Bank’s deep domain expertise and laser sharp customer focus. “HDFC Bank specializes in bringing innovative solutions to its customers. We pride in partnering with HDFC Bank in this journey to transform banking services leveraging cutting edge AI technologies. Through this partnership, we plan to transform many banking functions, processes and outcomes using AI,” comments Shridhar Marri, CEO and Co-Founder, Senseforth.

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Senseforth is, in fact the most comprehensive AI-driven bot platforms available today. The firm has the widest range of intelligent business bots in their store and their bots are designed to reduce manpower costs while enhancing efficiency. EVA will also be able to handle real banking transactions soon. This is when HDFC will be able to deliver the true potential of conversational banking to its customers.

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