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Freshdesk acquires a Chatbot to strengthen AI capabilities

Freshdesk acquires a Chatbot to strengthen AI capabilities

chatimity-1The acquisitive streak of Freshdesk, a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement software witnessed yet another instance where it acquired AI-based Chatbot Platform Chatimity, with an aim to enhance its capabilities within chat platform and beyond. This comes as the company’s sixth acquisition following its stint with Airwoot, Framebench,, Konotor and Frilp within a time span of 12 months.

Ex-Googler founded Chatimity, a social chat platform with an expertise in artificial intelligence and chat technology was built to enable user interactions and improve engagements for its millions of users.

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The need for the organizations to engage with its consumers directly with a flavour of personal touch has become important like never before. Consumers today expect a high level of connectivity and personal attention from businesses. With Chatimity’s technology, Freshdesk intends to achieve exactly that by scaling its chat infrastructure and building next gen chat products.

“People want a fast, personalized response. Chat will play an important role in the future of communication for customer service but scaling that infrastructure continues to be a challenge,” said Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO of Freshdesk. “With their focus on artificial intelligence and chatbots, the Chatimity team, now part of Freshdesk, has already started to create a scalable customer engagement chat platform that is future ready,” he added.

A word about MITI:

The multipurpose AI-based bot by Chatimity named MITI uses a combination of NLP (Natural Language Processing), state machines and AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to hold conversations across thousands of users in real-time.   

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The team has prototyped several interactive bots including one for a popular travel website. Think of the bot as an ‘ask me anything’ travel agent: “What are best hotels in Hawaii with a swimming pool under $200?” or “How far is my hotel from the airport?” are some of the questions that MITI can respond to immediately, helping consumers as they make travel decision. Many of those who interacted with MITI believed that they were communicating with a real person!

“Our team was able to get a glimpse of what Freshdesk was already working on and we immediately knew that our team and technology would complement and accelerate product development at Freshdesk with a strong focus on AI and chat tech” said Tarkeshwar Thakur, Co-founder and CEO of Chatimity. “Delivering a top-notch customer experience over chat continues to be a challenge for many companies, a problem we intend to solve with some of the next-gen chat products we are building at Freshdesk.”

The company marks yet another achievement to its incredible growth this year as it opened its fifth office in Berlin, Germany, released Freshsales, an intelligent CRM for high-velocity teams and was recognized by the Economic Times as Startup of the Year.

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