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From Books To Tutorial, Check Out The Top 7 Resources To Learn Computer Vision

From Books To Tutorial, Check Out The Top 7 Resources To Learn Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the interdisciplinary field of artificial intelligence and computer science, is basically the transition of data from either a still or a video camera into an accurate representation. Just like human vision, a computer vision also works on validating the computers to visualise, recognise and process images. Computer vision consists of three main components:

  • Image Acquisition: This is the first stage of the vision system. After the image is acquired, different kinds of processing tasks can be applied in order to achieve various vision tasks
  • Image Processing: Image Processing can be defined as the procedure of converting an image into a digital form and then apply some operations to it to get an enhanced image
  • Analysis Of Images: The process of extracting meaningful details from an image through digital image processing is known as image analysis

One of the most buzzing fields under artificial intelligence, computer vision has found plenty of use cases in the industry. There are many resources available to come up to speed with computer vision. In this article, we list down 5 best free resources that will come handy in learning computer vision. The list is in no particular order.

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1| Beginner’s Guide To Computer Vision (Blog)

This introductory level blog gives an introductory exposure to computer vision enthusiasts who want to learn the subject from scratch. The procedures described here are very precise to make it easy to understand. It also gives links to other online courses, seminars for both introductory and advanced level, video links of TED talks, universities that can be helpful to learn computer vision.

Click here to read it.

2| Learning OpenCV By Gary Bradski And Adrian Kaehler (Ebook)

This book by Gary Bradski and Adrian Kaehler, a consulting professor and a senior scientist respectively, is one of the best resources one can get to learn computer vision. It contains easy and understandable descriptions, simple code examples and some explanations of the tools that need to be excelled to work on computer vision. It documents a toolkit, OpenCV where interesting things on computer vision can be done repeatedly without any hassle. The algorithm works are fairly understanding for a beginner to design and debug vision applications.

Click here to avail the book.

3| An Introduction To 3D Computer Vision Techniques and Algorithms By Bogusław Cyganek (Ebook)

This book is written by Bogusław Cyganek, a professor from AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland and J Paul Siebert, a professor from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The book provides a basic programming framework. It is a little advanced in nature as it describes the 2D and 3D computer vision but once you know the basics of it, the book gives a fair idea of the latest developments in computer vision space.

Click here to avail the book.

4| Introduction to Computer Vision on Udacity (Online Course)

This course is focused on the beginners in the subject. A 4-month free course, it covers extensive details on basic methods to help in the practical application of the subject. Mathematical solutions are also kept in the spotlight along with fair exposure to tools such as MATLAB, Python, NumPy and others. Taught by industry pros it is a self-paced learning material and definitely one of the bests.

Click here for the course material.

5| Awesome Computer Vision On Github (Online Course)

As we all know, GitHub contains resources from intermediate to advance level. This course on GitHub covers the basic details of computer vision. It contains a list of datasets, papers, courses, tutorials and talks and software that can be used for performing computer vision, hence offering practical exposure too to the subject.

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6| Computer Vision Course By Subhransu Maji (Online Course)

This brief course by Subhransu Maji, an assistant professor from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst covers the intricate details of computer vision. This course contains lecture slides on various topics such as radiometry, image formation, image filtering, and more. It is easy to learn and understand for the ones who really want to pursue a career in Computer Vision.

Click here for the course material.

7| Video Tutorial By Alberto Romay

A video tutorial of 57 lectures by Alberto Romay is uploaded where step by step tutorials are described clearly for the beginners in order to grasp the zest of Computer Vision. It is divided into various lectures with a range of topics covered by sensors and image formation to image filtering and more. Each video duration ranges from 7 minutes to 15 minutes that makes it easy to grab with more attention span.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

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