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Google Analytics adds voice-based navigation, allow users to directly ask questions

Google Analytics adds voice-based navigation, allow users to directly ask questions

Google Analytics new voice-based navigation feature

Google Analytics will soon allow users to directly put forward their queries regarding website or app data. Users will be able to get responses for queries relating to trends of mobile versus desktop traffic, number of users on a particular day, or top countries in a month. This step is part of a broader initiative within Google called Analytics Intelligence, which aims to give customers a better understanding of their Google Analytics data.

With this new feature, there is no more need for navigating to the correct dashboard in Analytics and tweaking the chart to obtain the data you want. You have to just type in the query or speak it out loud. The feature has already been demonstrated by the Product Manager for Google Analytics Annissa Alusi. She asked three questions, and Google Analytics answered her every time with the relevant data after just a few seconds. “Ideally, this will become a new and more accessible interface for analytics overall,” mentions Alusi.

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According to the Senior Director of Measurement and Analytics Babak Pahlavan combining voice and natural language controls wasn’t just a small upgrade, as it took them three years to achieve this. They built it on top of the natural language processing technology that Google already uses for Android and search.

This feature will allow everyone at a company to ask basic questions for themselves. This in turn will free up data analysts, so that they can focus on more complex, strategic issues.

Moreover, the voice controls will be available on both desktop and mobile. Pahlavan adds, “Users can ask their questions anytime, say before a board meeting or right before you meet with a customer.” These control are currently English-only, and shall be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. These voice controls are supposed to get smarter over time, by learning what kinds of questions users generally want answered, individually and collectively.

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