How Madhavbaug aims to serve 5 crore patients with AI-powered healthcare solutions

We envision achieving healthcare excellence by becoming the best cardiac care organisation in India, and this ethos is echoed in our motto ‘Whatever it Takes’.

Cardiovascular diseases are now the world’s leading cause of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year. This is a global health problem with no geographic, gender, or socioeconomic boundaries. As per WHO, heart diseases account for 16 percent of total deaths worldwide, with a rapidly increasing mortality rate. In fact, 2019 recorded 8.9 million deaths!

When we delve deeper into countries like India, matters only worsen—every 33 seconds, we have one patient suffering from a heart attack. Despite the tremendous advances in cardiac care in recent times, including drugs, devices, and diagnostic innovation, many patients are still losing their lives to heart diseases which can be avoided if dealt with the right approach.

Established in 2006, Madhavbaug is a unique medical service institution that strives to reduce deaths in India due to cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity with the distinctive outlook of amalgamating technology with traditional healing.


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Analytics India Magazine caught up with Dr Rohit Madhav Sane, Founder, MD, & CEO of Madhavbaug, to gain a perspective on the gravity of the situation and how his company addresses some of the longstanding issues inherent with the Indian Healthcare ecosystem.

AIM: Having been in the healthcare space for over 20 years, how would you define its evolution in an Indian context?

Dr Sane: The evolution of Healthcare space can be defined as a journey from a conventional physical setup with a paper-based records model to a connected patient experience powered by evolving technologies like electronic health records, self-triaging with remote monitoring, telemedicine etc.

For instance, COVID-19 introduced a host of challenges for physicians and patients alike. Topping the charts were issues like higher workload, psychological distress, inadequate overview of a patients’ disease progress, and inability to monitor their health status once discharged (leading to readmissions and critical emergencies).

Now we can address these issues with technology. Digital India and tech evolution are truly opening pathways to easier access to global innovations in the healthcare space. This will create a connected experience for both doctors and patients.

That being said, we are far behind developed countries like the U.S in leveraging the full potential of these technologies!

AIM: What was the idea behind conceptualising Madhavbaug? How do you intend to create an impact?

Dr Sane:  Madhavbaug is completely focused on researching, innovating and implementing heart remedies and also extending preventive strategies to control the risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, stress and obesity. 

To achieve this, we have devised a 360-degree approach which starts right from spreading awareness about cardiac diseases and their various risk factors, followed up by screening and diagnosis for timely detection, while working with patients through disease education and goal setting, supported by delivering the right intervention customised to the needs of the patient. Post-intervention, we are committed to ensuring that patients achieve their targets by supporting them through a robust care system that includes monitoring, compliance, motivation, mentoring and adherence to achieved goals post targets are met. 

AIM: What’s the strategy behind Madhavbaug foraying into the Healthtech space?

Dr Sane: We want to provide non-invasive yet effective solutions at affordable price points to the masses. The best way to do this is by combining the power of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge in treating chronic disorders and innovations in modern diagnostics. In India, the ratio of population vs available doctors is 1:1500. Empowering these doctors with Madhavbaug’s knowledge and skillset can give us a big push in achieving our mission. Hence, leveraging the latest advancements and increasing acceptance in healthcare technology is the go-to strategy. We are also creating awareness through digital mediums like Webinars and live interviews, conducting workshops, and continuing medical education (CMEs) for medical association networks.

AIM: How would you define medical intelligence? How do your products PowerMAP and mibPULSE empower physicians with it?

Dr Sane: Medical intelligence is a set of needful information that can enable a doctor to take timely clinical decisions to enhance a patient’s clinical outcome towards his disease reversal and prevent complications.

PowerMAP empowers physicians by integrating numerous data points flowing through mibPULSE app, an all-in-one, health monitoring app, built for patients which keeps them connected 24 x 7 with their physicians.

Apart from generating critical alerts regarding a patient’s vital parameters, PowerMAP provides an in-depth medical analysis of their current health status. This is compared with historical data to provide a complete picture of the disease reversal journey through interactive visualisations and medical intelligence capabilities. Furthermore, doctors can key in important medical parameters to quickly create PHR (Digital Patient Health Records), making their practice paperless, hassle-free, yet highly effective.

The PowerMAP application integrates various medical services like Pathology Labs, dietitians, exercise experts, stress counsellors and other super consultants who are now available to support the doctor for effectively improving the health outcomes for patients at a click of a button.

AIM: What makes PowerMAP different from competing platforms that bank on artificial intelligence?

Dr Sane: PowerMAP is a solution-based application powered by more than a decade’s research and clinical analysis built through a robust experience treating 10 lakh+ patients.

This application receives fresh active data directly from all remotely connected patients regarding real-time vital parameters and activity-based parameters like sleep quality, daily steps count, level of exercise done and most importantly, diet quality. Furthermore, these data points are seamlessly merged with the physician visit data points to create a unified medical timeline. With a dataset of such holistic clinical parameters, the analytical engine can provide a clear picture of a patient’s health journey and provide intelligence support for clinical decision-making.

PowerMAP’s USP provides physicians with an always-connected ecosystem that provides relevant analytical and predictive intelligence with always-available support of consultants and investigations at hand.

AIM: How do you plan on scaling PowerMap’s adoption, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities?

Dr Sane: Even though trained in ayurvedic practice, most BAMS doctors in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are conducting Allopathy OPD practice. PowerMAP will help them scale up their practices with healthcare support and Ayurvedic know-how. They can, in turn, focus more on patient consultation interactions.

AIM: What new features can customers expect going forward? Are there more products in the pipeline?

Dr Sane: Physicians can expect to see more analytical and predictive tools with support for onboarding their local lab, imaging and other diagnostic services. In addition, we are soon incorporating support for critical care like swift communication and emergency services.

Telemedicine capabilities and mental well-being support are some of the upcoming features that will be made available through PowerMAP and mibPULSE.

Our mission 2025 rests on building a complete ecosystem for cardiac care management that will establish Madhavbaug as the leading cardiac care organisation in India. We will offer the largest network of cardiac care clinics, hospitals, preventologists and rural OPDs, along with technical support for cardiac care at home through Save My Heart app and emergency kit. Our plan entails care and support to 5 crore patients under the Madhavbaug ecosystem.

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