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Indian Government Gets Another AI Push, Parliament To Use AI To Streamline Operations

Indian Government Gets Another AI Push, Parliament To Use AI To Streamline Operations

The Indian government recently has been in the news for their attempt to harness the best of new-age techs such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine language for better delivery of public services. With the incorporation of technologies, the government seems to acknowledge the fact that the road ahead for India’s growth is through leveraging these technologies on a large scale basis across public sectors.

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Adding another feather to its cap, the representative of Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs recently announced that the two houses of parliament, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will soon use AI and ML for streamlining their legislative duties.

Speaking about this to a leading daily, Surendra Nath Tripathi, Parliamentary Affairs Secretary said the Government is planning to achieve this is by using AI and ML in the second phase of National E-Vidhan (NeVA) Project. NeVa is a new flagship programme under the Ministry, which aims to create a massive data depository by bringing together all the legislatures of the country together in one platform. By using AI and ML for the platform’s functioning, the government wants to process the information to make it available in different formats and patterns, thereby making it easier to draw meaningful insights from the data.

Analysis and processing of data are crucial for the smooth functioning of houses, as combined membership of both the houses are 5300 with 550 different standing members generating over 500 reports each year. By studying the pattern and drawing insight from the data with AI and Ml enabled system, the Ministry hopes to make the process of providing replies to over 2 lakh questions asked each year by MPs and MLAs easier.

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“In phase one, we are going for data processing only. In phase two we are going to use intelligent data processing that is we will use AI and Machine Learning technologies and will make the information available in different formats and analyse, this is what we call ‘cooked information,” Tripathi said.


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