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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Believes Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape The World

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Believes Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape The World

The recent visit of Israeli Prime Minister to India is a lot about joint deals between the two countries, as is evident from the talks of both the leaders at business forum. The Israeli PM believes that this has been as a dawn of new era in the friendship between India and Israel, where flourishing partnership between the countries would bring prosperity, peace and progress for people of both the countries.

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What is particularly interesting to note in his talks at the business forums is his continued belief in technologies like big data, connectivity and artificial intelligence. Netanyahu believes that these technologies are reshaping the world today. “There would soon be no difference between high-tech and low-tech industry, because at the end everything is going to be technology”, he was quoted as saying. “We’re seeing this in agriculture in technological developments in fields and other areas, such as cars, industry, and so forth”.

Moving beyond the traditional sectors, this showcases his keen interest on partnering with India on key technologies like AI. On his second day of the visit, Netanyahu said that technology was the way forward and that emergence of these sectors in the past is a proof of that.

Israel is globally known to be a hub for high tech manufacturing and services, with currently a total of $130 million worth of investment in India, which mostly accounts to agriculture technology and cutting edge manufacturing. They now further seek to explore the areas such as cyber security, digital analytics and robotics. “Artificial intelligence is changing everything, connectivity is important and these are changing the structure of growth”, he was quoted as saying.  

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His talk at the India-Israel Business Summit coincided with IT major Tech Mahindra announcing its partnership with Israeli firm ContextSpace Solutions to develop the world’s first global software privacy ecosystem, MyData Shield. It also launched ‘Tech Mahindra NxT’ to power startups in Israel, under which it will engage with 20 firms.

Israel’s financial and technological hub Tel Aviv will be the centre of operations and the partnership will focus on creating collaborative solutions across cyber security, fintech, mobility, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Back in 2017, during his talk at the Cyber Tech conference, the Israeli PM had emphasised on how they are in the meeting ground of the big data connectivity and artificial intelligence and that they see vast opportunities in this area.

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