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Look Beyond Tableau With These Cost-effective, Homegrown BI Tools

Even though Tableau is a trailblazer in the BI space and has emerged as a leader in self-service BI tools, the Seattle-based software giant is not without competition. There has been a spurt in homegrown and global dashboard software market players that are nipping at the heels of BI leader. Besides the biggies in the BI space such as — SAP, Microsoft, TIBCO Software, there is a slew of new BI tools in the market, touting predictive modelling, the ability to simplify complex datasets and cost-effectiveness as the unique differentiator.

Smarten By ElegantJ BI

The platform encourages its users to become citizen data scientists by integrating multiple sources of complex data. Smarten by ElegantJ BI also bridges the gap between BI and users by auto-selecting the algorithms which help the users to become efficient data scientists. The technology is built in algorithms that help the users to prepare and get the desired result. The user can select clustering or forecasting depending upon the necessity, these selections within the board are dependent on the platform. For Smarten, one doesn’t require any prior coding experience, thereby making it user-friendly. With its advanced architecture, Smarten also helps in cutting down the requirement of data scientists and data specialist. With its end to end platform, the self serves data preparations are framed and support deep-dive analytics, dashboards.


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BDB BizViz

BDB is a Bengaluru-based company and provides a cloud platform with robust technology. The company’s BI software provides advanced analytics and enables exploring ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modelling, real-time scoring, machine learning and elasticsearch. BDB Decision Platform is an end-to-end data analytics platform which ingests data from streaming, structured, unstructured data sources and identifies patterns and trends in structured and unstructured data. With strong predictive analysis and the scope to integrate with R and Spark ML, users are free to write in their desired programming languages. The platform also supports Spark ML Scala & Python to create models as expected by the clients. These features give new opportunities, minimize risks, and boost revenue.


Founded by Sachin Bakshi, the company strives to provide business growth and compete with present-day issues. The technology developed by this startup helps small businesses find insights from their data. This self-service BI startup is helping small to mid-sized companies increase their profitability by analyzing the customer products and costs. Ezlytix cloud-based analytics provides solutions to real business issues by giving right information within a period of 5 days, simple software and hardware, low risk in IT-projects, economical services. The startup provides a turn-key solution to help mid-sized businesses focus on ‘profitable growth’ by leveraging data and automation. The technology identifies possibilities such as an increase in sales and margins, dropping the low performing products, utilizing information to obtain a competitive advantage over identifying market possibilities.

Phrazor From vPhrase

’PHRAZOR’, the AI platform can convert structured data, analyses it and generates insights which can be used for effective decision-making. These insights are delivered in a humanized narrative and over a period of time, the startup has built a considerable following among leading companies in India. The tool is widely used by banks like HDFC to drum up personalized narrative reports for their employees and in some scenarios for their clients as well. The technology integrates with the client’s system with the help of API and in some cases, the company provides an on-premise installation as well. The firm extends its services in the fields of quarterly earning analysis, stories, sales points from mutual fund factsheets, performance appraisal reports and many more.


Narrator is G-Square’s Robo analytics tool. It provides a descriptive and smart business intelligence solution to the users. It provides actionable business insights along with the visualisation and dashboards. As of now, it has three modules – Robo analysis, Ask Narrator and Custom analysis which fits the usage requirements of both the business users and the analytics teams. Some of the unique advantages of the Narrator are — it provides a wholesome solution for business needs including smart visualisation, dashboards, customised reports, narration of insights and interactive Chatbot in one single tool. It can handle the large size of data and saves a lot of precious time and resources for organisations as it provides automated analytics solutions on the go.

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