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Looker & Tableau Buys Are A Big Win For Analytics Industry, Will These Data Analytics Companies Be Next?

Looker & Tableau Buys Are A Big Win For Analytics Industry, Will These Data Analytics Companies Be Next?

Google Cloud & Looker

The recent acquisitions of Looker and Tableau have been a major win for the analytics industry and only reinforced the fact how the industry’s big tech players are consolidating analytics on top of their cloud environment and moving towards a multi-cloud data analytics strategy. For analytics and BI players, it goes on to show that the data analytics market has a larger role to play in the multi-cloud ecosystem.

As more and more analytics workloads move to the cloud, cloud-data powerhouses like AWS, Azure and Google realise how data management, data preparation and data governance can provide real value to customers. The big bets made by tech giants to fill the gaps in their existing offerings and broaden data analytics capabilities shows there’s a huge market opportunity for investors in this space and fast-growing data analytics companies like Alteryx and Talend are worth keeping an eye on.

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Self -service tools have proven to be pivotal in the Big Data software stack as cloud providers race to provide local data analytics solution. After the recent multibillion-dollar deals in the enterprise software market, analysts believe analytics companies operating in the space of data management, data quality, data preparation, data integration and data governance could be next on the radar?  

Here are the top 4 picks, analysts believe primed for an M&A:

Alteryx: We take a look at California-headquartered Alteryx, $5 billion self-service data analytics firm, has shown considerable momentum in this space, Known for its self-service analytics platform, Alteryx has moved beyond data prep and data blending and has added more capabilities to its platform, Spark and Python tool. The company solves critical pain points related to data preparation and data quality. The company’s core products consist of Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server and Alteryx Analytics Gallery and it has over 250 data tools available. CA-based software major counts marquee names such as Audi, Kroger, Dell, Microsoft and Coke as its customers.

Trifacta: California-headquartered Trifacta, a global leader in data preparation has one of the best product platforms. A leader in data wrangling market, Trifacta primarily caters to enterprise-scale applications with data lake environments and data governance projects. Recently, the company made a major announcement — a native integration for Snowflake.  As per a company statement, Trifacta enables data professionals and users of all backgrounds to accelerate data preparation and provide a 3x improvement in turnaround-time, thereby allowing users more time to focus more time and resources on gaining real value from data.  The leading data prep solutions provider counts names such as PepsiCo, New York Life, Google and Deutsche Boerse as its clients.

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Splunk: Well, security analytics provider Splunk’s stock jumped more than 6% as per reports after Tableau news broke out. The sentiment around this California-based software solutions provider has been at an all-time since then. The company’s core product is Splunk Enterprise, a machine data platform that provides collection, indexing, search, reporting, analysis, alerting, monitoring, and data management capabilities. Meanwhile, Splunk Cloud and Splunk Light provide log search and analysis for small IT environments. Viewed as a dominant platform for analysing machine data and unstructured data, the platform has gained popularity for analytics and IoT applications.  

Talend: A leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, Talend helps companies make data a strategic asset and provides real-time, organisation-wide insight into customers, partners, and operations. The company is known for its open, adaptive, and unified integration platform. Talend helps users gain the data agility required for companies to rapidly adopt the latest technology innovations and scale to meet the constantly evolving demands of modern business. In 2017, Talend opened a new office in India to deepen and expand its relationships with large SI partners like Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant and Wipro. The cloud data integration leader counts Lenovo, GE, Air France among its global enterprise customers.

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