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Media Measurement Analytics Startup VTION Bags Premium Funding From AngelList

Media Measurement Analytics Startup VTION Bags Premium Funding From AngelList



Media measurement analytics firm VTION has secured a funding of $280,000 from AngelList India. The event also witnessed other angel investors across the globe participating in the funding round.

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Founded in 2016 by Manoj Dawane, VTION provides a unique platform for analytics and measurement technologies in the media sector. VTION’s core focus is media consumption measurement techniques and advertising marketplace for broadcast radio that brings together various stakeholders of the ecosystem. The startup has already deployed their products successfully in various cities across India.

Speaking on this occasion, Dawane said “Broadcast radio and audio streaming are growing leaps and bounds in India. Both of these verticals are based on advertising revenue as primary contributor as of now. Hence there is a need to get fair estimates of audiences & listenership, such that advertisers can target their media plans and broadcasters can have sharper programming insights.”

With a small team of only three employees and primarily based in Gurgaon , VTION hopes to use the funding amount to expand its portfolio and will have a broader reach in the Indian media ecosystem. Coming to products, VTION currently has two offerings, “radio meter” and “audio meter” for analysing metrics from both radio and audio devices respectively.

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This startup definitely brings a fresh approach in gathering market intelligence and deriving useful insights. The real-time insights obtained from VTION will span across various localities of usage and can be segregated along custom parameters easily. The metrics captured in the products will also help business-related analysis simpler.

As of now, VTION caters its solutions to various media and research agencies along with telecom operators.With these innovative technologies, VTION believes that it will address current gaps in the broadcast radio ecosystem and bring efficiencies that will enable this market to grow rapidly over the coming years.

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