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These 5 Indian Natural Language Generation Startups Are Revolutionising The Sector

These 5 Indian Natural Language Generation Startups Are Revolutionising The Sector

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The natural language generation market is growing significantly over the globe with tech leaders such as IBM and AWS, among others, already making headway in the sector. Now the startups, especially in India, are booming at an equally competent pace.

In our previous article, we had discussed the workings of NLP and NLG. While the goal of NLP is to look out for a language and figure out what ideas are being communicated, NLG works out on how to best communicate what the system interprets. We have seen use cases such as Siri that work on the principle of NLG, and most other intelligent personal assistants are also powered by advanced NLG.

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We bring 5 such NLG companies in India that are working to make the technology more prominent. It is important to note here that the list also includes startups that may be working in NLP, NLU along with NLG as these technologies are not entirely unrelated. It is the whole reading and writing process the accomplishes the task.  

(The list is in no particular order.)


This Mumbai bases analytics startup was founded by Neerav Parekh in 2015 and are bringing NLG to make reports more insightful. Their core AI-based platform Phrazor analyses data derive insights and communicates these insights in multiple Indian languages. Enterprises are using it to personalize and add deep insights to the reports they send to customers as well as employees. They are demystifying the visualization landscape by generating smart insights alongside the text that makes the job of analyzing easier. Phrazor is currently working with industries such as banks, brokerage firms, healthcare, CPG companies and others. The entire product is built on Python and the team took the NLTK language toolkit for building the platform. This is a one-of-a-kind startup in the pure NLG domain in India.

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Stride: pioneers in understanding customer need by performing AI-based text analytics. The underlying technology is natural language generation where Stride’s TEXSIE platform provides advanced analytics using some of its very own proprietary algorithms to provide sentiment analysis, name matching, language detection and translation, categorization of documents and more. The algorithms power their products and are available as developer APIs. Their platform mines and analyses the existing data to provide a meaningful inference that would businesses improve their customer experience. By using natural language processing ability, Stride provides graphical patterns of the unstructured data in a structured format to easily understand customer’s behaviour. It is currently being leveraged by banks and financial institutions.


This startup founded in 2016 uses sophisticated machine learning and customizable algorithms to help users in the decision making process. It does so by generating meaningful recommendations that are tailored to user’s preferences, aptitudes and skills. The core technology is artificial intelligence, NLP, NLG, that facilitates the overall working of the services offered by the company. Their conversational AI uses the best of NLP techniques to address specific customer queries and take the conversation ahead. The startup is using the power of machine learning in the best way possible in their applications which further help through filtering data and playing with data slicing to offer powerful recommendations.


This startup founded in 2015 is building a next-gen engine or content generation using a wide range of  AI approaches such as Natural Language Generation, ML and data mining. The product offering by the company, the intelligent data miner can help enterprises understand and extract meaningful information from raw text using NLG. It facilitates SAAS based automated AI writing software that requires no complicated setup and download. It basically is an article-writing app which uses NLG to bring down the writing time by eliminating the time wasted.

This 2012 founded startup offers a humanlike conversation platform powered by AI and can address queries quite efficiently. The product by the startup is called A.ware, which is essentially a neocortex that mimics human cognitive abilities and performs tasks such as reading, comprehending, interpreting and conversing. The entire process makes extensive use of NLP and NLG technologies that pose the feature of continuous learning and evolving based on guided learning principles. These characteristics make it perfect for catching customer emotion and delivering better results each time. It is currently helping companies in banking, healthcare, telecom, e-commerce, travel and others to get them the best of customer experience.

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