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Neeraj Pratap

Neeraj Pratap

  • Chief Operating Officer at Hansa Cequity
Neeraj Pratap, Chief Operating Officer at Hansa Cequity

Neeraj Pratap is a Customer Experience Management & Marketing specialist with more than 27 years of experience in business/marketing consulting, brand building, data-driven strategic marketing, and digital marketing. He has developed and executed connected customer experience strategies, CRM projects, data integration projects, including customer life cycle management, customer segmentation, and customer engagement for clients across different verticals like BFSI, Auto, Consumer Electronics, Retail and Durables, Pharma, and Media.

Neeraj is an Alumni of UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is a certified Behavioural Economist, a post-graduate diploma holder in Human Rights, and a writer, director, and actor.


Hansa Cequity has been leading the creation of a data-led culture across organisations. The depth and breadth of expertise available at Hansa Cequity ensure we bring in a broad spectrum of techniques and cross-category experience to look at business problems.  At Hansa Cequity, Neeraj has been instrumental in helping design analytics-driven solutions, including:

  • Integration of Data Science with Behavioural Science:  Hansa Cequity has the ability to integrate behavioural data and transactional data using advanced Machine Learning provides marketers with deep insights at scale.
  • Market Potential Value: Hansa Cequity’s MPV superimposes transactional data with the true potential available at a pin code level using industry-specific surrogates to identify future opportunities for business growth.
  • Share of Wallet: Hansa Cequity has developed a proprietary algorithm that marries the Paradox of ‘Intent to spend’ against ‘Ability to spend’ by using income surrogates. This helps brands to understand the Share of Wallet for every customer.

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