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Peoplestrong unveils Jinie- India’s first HR Chatbot

Peoplestrong unveils Jinie- India’s first HR Chatbot

Jinie-HR Chatbot

HR would soon become a conversational interface from just being a transactional interface, thanks to the very first chatbot– Jinie, which is here to make the whole process of HR management more engaging and impactful. It is brought to you by Peoplestrong – one of the India’s leading human resource (HR) solutions and HR Technology Companies in the world.

This personal-work life assistant can help an employee solve any HR related query-right from applying leaves to managing other employee transactions. In a nutshell, Jinie is there for an employee every time.


Alt messenger, a conversational platform by PeopleStrong is where Jinie resides. The platform enables a simple, smart and secure method to conduct contextual conversation amongst the teams.

What can it do?

  • Through this platform, employees can connect with their natural groups and have live conversations.
  • It would ensure security needed in enterprise system by eliminating the use of Facebook/ Whatsapp and other mediums.
  • Hence keeping a check on what kind of data goes public right from sales data to employee data.
  • It would ensure encryption while providing the ease of communication to all its users.

“This is a great year for HR technology and the launch of HR chatbots will bring employees to the centre stage. We are happy to announce the launch of India’s first HR chatbot which will eventually have a stronghold in enterprises as they move ahead in the digital HR journey”, said Pankaj Bansal, Co-founder and CEO at PeopleStrong.

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“It will prove to be the biggest advantage for the enterprise as it will be available virtually 24/7, giving employees on the field instant access to transactions and HR data, regardless of location or time zone,” he added.

With a vision to simplify work life, PeopleStrong has long delivered technologies and services that promises to transform the future of work and work life in the HR world.  Apart from Jinie, PeopleStrong has many firsts to its name, including the first company in this space to be successfully assessed on SSAE16.

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