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Significance of Data and Analytics in Online Education

Significance of Data and Analytics in Online Education

Irrespective of which niche you talk, data analysis has emerged out to be one of the most important factors that define the growth and development figures. In order to define data and analytics in the simplest possible words, this is one of those keys that can open the doors to any problem associated with your business. With the certain modifications going on in the educational trends, the online education is making its presence felt across all pavements. Be it the normal management courses or the professional degree courses, with the ease of everything available over the internet in the form of online education, the accessibility has improved to a great level. In spite of all the sides, less has been talked about data and analytics in context to the online education. However it can be truly proved that data and analytics have been very helpful for the growth of online education where it is today.

The streams like data and analytics have extensively affected the present online education system. In the recent few years, many new and old globally acclaimed universities have come up with their online courses as well. The main reason behind this has been due to the acceptance of these courses amongst students. Now with the freedom of studying anything from any place, students have started to heavily rely on the online learning system. If you take a look at the figures, they clearly state that the percentage of students opting for these courses is increasing at a tremendous rate. This is a clear example of how significant the data and analytics are, in terms of online education industry.

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Since the basic computer knowledge and a working internet connection is the only requirement that students needs to study online, it is opening up as a virtual education platform even for those who never thought of studying beyond a certain level. As per the reports from the major surveys, it can be believed that in the coming 5 years, this market is expected to grow by 50 percent. In addition to this, it is only due to the industry analysis that many big and established players of traditional education systems are stepping into the online education industry and trying to capture as much market as they can in the mere beginning years. Be it simple language learning tutorials or courses as complex as the MBA and PGDs, students are choosing the online learning platforms over the traditional ones in big numbers.

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Each and every study that is being done in this field is becoming possible only due to the data analysis and analytics. Apart from simply increasing the popularity of these courses, the data and analytics over the internet have greatly helping in reducing the real time in assessing the students’ performance and grading them. Considering all the aspects discussed above and catered in various reports, it can be clearly realized the online/distance education system has grown and driven to this level with the effective use of data analysis and surveys that have been done. The insights clearly show that the data and analytics have and will always hold major significance in the strategic growth of online education.

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