Start-up of the week: Instalocate- A chatbot that claims to make your travel more comfortable!

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Did you know that every time your flight gets delayed your airlines owes you a compensation? Have you ever been denied boarding because the flight was overbooked? Are you aware of your rights as a flyer? Many a times we overlook on these issues and incur heavy losses, but not anymore. The one company founded by Stanford University and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) alumni in June 2016, is building an AI powered travel assistant just for you!

Instalocate– the name as it goes by – promises to watch all that for you by building a cutting-edge technology that can solve all your travel problems and make your journey comfortable.  No more panicking and rushing to the airline counters, standing in long queues or calling the customer care if your flight gets delayed or baggages do not come on time!  Instalocate promises to constantly monitor your travel and predict and solve the travel problems.

Not just that, it would also protect your rights as a customer and go after airlines to get your due compensation in case of any mishap.

How wonderful is that? Having a digital personal assistant that can make your journey comfortable and be always there to answer all your questions in an instant!

Talking to AIM, one of its founders Pallavi Singh revealed that the idea of Instalocate was conceived out of all the unfortunate incidences that she and her husband had personally faced.

[quote]“Anything that can go wrong has gone wrong with us. Flights have gotten delayed, we have missed connections, baggage was lost. And that’s when we realised that, most of the travel apps are working in pre-booking and there is no one to help you when things like this go wrong. Dealing with the airlines was the biggest nightmare amidst this”, she said.[/quote]

And that’s how the journey to Instalocate took off with an idea of building an assistant which could help during the travel woes and deals with the airline on your behalf. Pallavi confesses “At so many times, we felt so frustrated with the airlines that we wanted to sue them for compensation, for all the trouble we went through. But we never did- mainly because we never had the time to deal with the airlines.”

With Instalocate, all you have to do is share your flight details and it will predict when you might need something and would send the contextual information automatically. Just ask your assistant anything from your flight status to the free Wi-Fi availability in the airport! That’s not all, if your family is worried about you, the assistant can pinpoint your exact location in the air. They don’t have to anxiously wait outside the airport checking their phones again and again! After reaching your destination, your cab will be waiting for you.

How is all of it achieved? Talking about the integration of artificial intelligence to Instalocate, Pallavi said “It is a predictive engine which will predict when the airlines owe you compensation. Unlike others we don’t wait for you to search for that information rather we will bring it to you. We are also building in-house NLP which makes it easier for an end user to talk to us, just as they would talk to a friend.”

There is no doubt that the bot has been received well by its users. “We have only launched our first product and the people are loving it”, marked Pallavi. Citing a use case, she said “One of our power users recently got 800 dollars from British Airways for flight delay with the help of Instalocate.”

However, the journey to its popularity was not easy. Pallavi notes that making was not as challenging as marketing. “Bots is still a new concept for people and popularizing it is a big problem”, she added.

Well, despite the challenges, Instalocate has done quite well for itself and is growing at a rate of 60 month over month with a pretty high retention rate.  

This digital personal assistant is available to make your journey comfortable and answer your questions in an instant. Talk to Instalocate within facebook at for a hassle-free travel now. There is no need to install the app separately, which adds to the many perks this travel bot has!

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Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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