Startup of the Week: HASH Research Labs — Optimizing the needs for BI in Healthcare and Education through In-house Analytics Engine

Bastin Robins – the Cofouder for HASH Research Labs

Looking for solutions that can easily crunch all data? Bangalore-based Hash Research Labs, an eight-member team founded by Binu and Bastin J. Robins in 2013 help organizations makes use of terabytes of data that lie unused across multiple domains. The need to leverage machine-learning, AI, visualization and big data techniques has spurred a number of innovative data science startups that provide in-house solutions to support large data, better visualization and custom implementation.

“Storage has become cheap, and the whole model of data storage has changed in an efficient manner. This is a key trend affecting the analytics landscape,” notes Bastin Robins J, Co-founder and Senior Data Scientist, HASH Research Labs.

Streamlining data with core solutions:  

At the heart of HashResearch Lab’s success is their core product LitmusBI — a single platform for data cleaning, analytics and prediction. “Today, majority of tools available in the market are specific with any one or two of the above. And certainly, they are built to be generic mostly. But the data which is generated every day is totally different, they are heterogeneous in nature. Now, there is a need for lot more customization based on the data. We are mainly focusing on solving this issue. It’s like building a model based on data than using a generic approach,” shares Bastin.

The market is already crowded with cloud systems for storage. Where does LitmusBI fit in the already crowded space? According to Bastin, most cloud systems cannot support large sets of data and this data needs to be acted upon to help organization make better  data-driven decisions. HASH Research Labs addresses this with LitmusBI — a customizable solution designed to work in any environment.“Usually SMBs can’t afford buying SAP models for inhouse use. This is where LitmusBI steps in, providing the small startups with a Data Analytics and Data Prediction platform,” he shares.

Key features of Litmus BI are:

  • Handles large datasets
  • Provides better visualizations
  • Custom implementation possible
  • Easy to integrate

Use case of LitmusBI at work for delivering deep insights

Bastin, who has previous stint at  Gramener as Associate Data Scientist  cites a case in point when one of customers approached them with an issue. The enterprise needed a different result coupled with a different approach with more in-depth insights. LitmusBI was built with big data in mind and one can build their application above the platform using APIs. “We currently have the server model which can be deployed in customers’ infrastructure, so the customer doesn’t have to fret about sharing data outside the organization. At the same time, it helps to share the insights throughout the organization,” he explains. LitmusBi Servers are licensed yearly.

In the pipeline:

Praanah (soon to be renamed) is going to be the next search engine for healthcare. Besides working as a normal search engine, it will also provide user-centric using contextual recommendation, detecting fraud and removing inappropriate content.

NeuronAi  is pegged as SaaS model which will help SMBs to perform their forecasting through machine learning models build on it without writing a single line of code.

Meet the dedicated team at HASH Research

Across the education industry, HASH Research Lab’s Algorithimic platform is built as a network for programmer network. The platform integrates inbuild codechecker to test a user’s programming skill. “Algorithimic is essentially a training platform which provides several models of programming or coding challenges to improve one’s know-how about Algorithms, Data Structures, Functional Programming, Machine Learning , Artificial intelligence programming challenges,” shares Bastin.


Key features of Algorithimic:

  • Provides Multiple Language support
  • Instant code validation
  • Allows user to practice coding on the platform
  • Easy to integrate

HashResearch products are fuelling SMBs and startups

According to Bastin, even though the analytics landscape was making major strides, most of the game was limited to key, powerful players. SMBs and small startups were scrambling for these expensive solutions. “ I shared the concern SMBs felt with regard to budget of implementation. This is where the story for HASHResearch began. We designed solutions that provide SMBs with actionable and efficient insights, while not affecting them with budgetary constraints,” remarks Bastin.

The road ahead for HASH Research

The  bootstrapped startup  is making significant strides in the big data and BI space. There are  plans for  partnership network expansion and widening the client base across the US. One of their upcoming offerings — the SaaS-based model NeuronAI. will help SMBs to perform forecasting by using machine learning models, without writing a single piece of code. “The emerging startups in the arena must find an uncommon problem, and try solving it using minimal resources,” shares Bastin.

The work culture

Essentially functioning as a bootstrapped startup, HASH Research creates an atmosphere for its thin team where “learning can be fun”. Innovation is a significant part of the organization’s drive, and the focus has always been on bringing the most scalable and optimized solutions. “You step out into the world, and you witness a lot of problems. Seeing challenges pushes you to address them in the most innovative manner, basically innovation happens when there is a problem,” believes Bastin.


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