5 Ways Artificial Intelligence can reinvent the Education System

Ai in education

Artificial intelligence is starting to become a part of our daily lives. Be it personal assistant like Siri or intelligent sensors that allow us to take perfect pictures or automatic parking features in cars, we are surrounded by artificial intelligence.


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However, one area where the presence of Artificial Intelligence still needs to be felt is education. Education industry is still functioning a lot on traditional methods with little change over the years.  Artificial Intelligence can bring about wonderful changes to the current education system benefiting both the institutions as well as the students.

Here are 5 ways in which AI can make radical changes to the education experience.

Way#1: AI can help automate basic activities

From school to graduation to higher graduation, Indian education system works on a grading system. This is definitely a tedious job for teachers to prepare a grading sheet time and again for each student and fill in for various sub-sections. Well, artificial intelligence can help to do away with it.

AI can help to automate the grading for all types of multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks types of questions. It not too far when AI will be able to grade other type of questions with lengthy answers. This will help teachers to focus more on in-class activies. While AI may not be able to completely replace human grading but it can get close enough to it.


Way#2: AI can provide real-time assistance to students

Today all educational institutions keep a record of student data and also collect data from students on various parameters through feedback. All this data needs to be analyzed and the suggestions should be implemented to bring about a change.  Educational Institutions today with the help of ‘learning analytics’ can understand a lot about student activity, how they are performing and what are their weak areas etc.

Artificial Intelligence can help in taking this to the next level by providing real-time support to students. AI can help in the learning process of an individual student and can offer timely interventions in real time to support the students especially when the teachers are not available as AI can be available 24*7.


Way#3: AI can bring in global learning.

Education cannot be limited to boundaries and AI can help achieve this. It can help bring radical changes in the education industry by allowing students to learn any type of course from anywhere in the world at any time.

Education programs powered by artificial intelligence can start equipping students with basic skills and as AI develops and becomes more advanced, a wider range of courses can be run will the help of AI giving students the opportunity to learn from anywhere anytime.


Way#4: AI can become new teachers

With the development happening on the artificial intelligence front, it is not far when artificial intelligence will be able to conduct class-room teaching for various streams. Though AI cannot completely replace teachers but they can take care of the basic teaching sessions and teachers can act as facilitators to help where AI falls short. Teachers can supplement to AI lessons and provide assistance to weak students thereby providing the required human interaction and hands-on experiences to students.


Way#5: AI can reason out the weak points in a course.

Feedback is very important for improvement. In a similar way, teachers and students both need feedback about their performance in order to improve. AI can help on this front. For instance, AI can figure out which areas most students are performing good and which areas most students are performing poorly and giving wrong answers. It can alert the faculty on a real-time basis so that he/she know where more efforts are required. This will help in improving the performance of students. Also students can get immediate feedback rather than waiting for the teacher to communicate.

It high time that traditional way of education is followed and that education is just taken for granted. The onus lies on the educational institution to bring changes in the education system making them more efficient, more student-friendly and preparing students for the real-world.

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Manisha Salecha
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