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Step Ahead In The AI Game With This Career-Accelerating- Certification From Great Learning

Step Ahead In The AI Game With This Career-Accelerating- Certification From Great Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are more than just algorithms they require a deep understanding of statistics, math, computer science, programming and data analysis skills. IT professionals looking for a deeper understanding of ML & AI need hands-on experience, along with interaction with all the key disciplines to gain a well-rounded understanding of the subject. That’s how they can to put the technology to better use to build intuitive AI systems.

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Great Learning’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  offered in conjunction with Great Lakes gives a graduate-level introduction to ML and AI. The program covers the foundations of machine learning, deep learning, implementation of the algorithms, and their applications. The 12-month program is delivered in two unique formats:

  • A blended format with weekend classroom sessions and online resources: Learning & projects occur in classroom sessions, one weekend a month. Learners get access to additional online content and classroom recordings to revise concepts
  • Online content with weekly personalised mentorship sessions: Learning occurs through online recorded videos along with weekly mentorship sessions with industry experts to clarify doubts, get an industry perspective and to help learners stay on their learning journey

Both these formats are designed to meet the needs of busy working professionals while ensuring rigour to maximise learning outcomes. The programme covers the key aspects of ML and AI relevant to the industry, such as Supervised and Unsupervised learning, Recommendation Systems, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, TensorBoard, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning and much more.

The programme includes 12+ Projects, hackathons and concludes with a Capstone project, which is an industry project where participants solve a problem statement based on industry data, with guidance from an industry mentor or a faculty member.

The course projects and the Capstone project covers skills from topics on Statistical Learning, Supervised/Unsupervised Learning, Ensemble/Reinforcement Techniques, Neural Networks, NLP, Computer Vision etc.

Why Study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning At Great Learning?

In a constantly evolving industry, IT professionals need to have the right education and training to build an AI-powered future. Machine Learning and AI are moving the dial in the industry and have opened up a host of jobs. Data from Indeed Hiring Lab indicates that the pace of growth in job postings has doubled over the past 3 years, with the volume of AI job postings going up by 119%. Data from our latest study indicates there is an increase of almost 30% year-over-year in the number of companies setting up dedicated AI teams in India.  

This industry growth is driven by an increase in the volume of postings to two AI-related roles: machine learning engineers and computer vision engineers. Software Engineers, with 3+ years of experience are looking for ways to build expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to maintain their career edge.

One of the key advantages offered by Great Learning courses is the opportunity to learn from the best faculty and get mentored by leading industry experts. The faculty includes leading academicians such as Mukesh Rao, who has over 20 years of experience in data science, and Dr. Narayana Darapaneni with 15 years of experience in Data Science, among others. The Deep Learning online content module has been designed and lectured by two leading experts, Dr Arjun Jain and Dr Amit Sethi, both from IIT Bombay.

“Our goal is to ensure that professionals have the training required to succeed in this AI-powered future. This 12-month post graduate program guides learners through the latest advancements and technical approaches in AI-based technologies such as natural language processing, deep learning algorithms and builds the necessary industry-relevant knowledge needed to stay on top of their game in this fast-paced industry,” says Mukesh Rao, Great Learning.

Key Benefits

Here’s how this career-boosting certificate can help one level up in the most in-demand field:

Guided In-classroom Learning: In the classroom format, learners will get access to 250 hours of weekend sessions, and in addition to this, they will also get access to additional 150+ hours of online learning including self-learning videos, reading material and projects

Online Mentorship: In the online format, learners will get 2 hours of personalised mentorship sessions every weekend with AI and ML experts, who will guide them through projects and help understand the essential concepts required to build advanced and accurate AI applications. In addition to this, learners will get access to 150+ hours of online video content

ePortfolio and Github: During this program, candidates will build their ePortfolio which will help them showcase all the skills and techniques they learn with the program. Learners will also make project submissions on Github. The ePortfolio and Github profiles are shareable documents that participants use to indicate their expertise and exposure in AI and ML

Hackathons and Projects: Under the PGP-AIML program, candidates can participate in Great Learning’s AI and ML Hackathons and 12 projects which enable learners to gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge techniques, and using popular open-source tools like TensorFlow, Keras and Python. Hackathons let students work as a team, collaborate and utilise all the skills they have learnt as a part of the program to come up with the best possible solution to solve a real life case study under a time constraint

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GL Excelerate: Great Learning’s career program helps learners to be a part of industry-sponsored Hackathons, participation in regular recruitment drives with top organizations participating, such as Cognizant, Fractal Analytics, IBM, KPMG, Shell, TCS, RBS, LatentView and much more. They also provide career guidance, interview preparation and resume building tips from experienced industry practitioners

Learning assistance: All participants get access to a Technical Expert, recorded walkthroughs for all assignments from experts, and a program manager to help them stay on their learning path. They also get access to program content for 2 years after completion of the program

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals whose work interfaces with big data analysis and are keen to learn the key concepts around Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI
  • Professionals who have a fundamental understanding of Machine Learning and want to build a portfolio with industry-relevant projects by interacting with Great Learning faculty and industry experts
  • IT professionals and managers who want to step up, and require a better understanding of AI/ML to oversee and execute projects, and become proficient in processing large amounts of data

Hard Facts

Duration: 12 months

Format: In class with online resources (400+ hours) and online content with personalised mentorship  (250+ hours)

Tools and technologies: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, NLP library NLTK, data libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Scipy, matplotlib

Cities: The online format can be taken up from anywhere. For learners who want to opt for the classroom format, classes are conducted across 6 cities Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune

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